The 3 Things to do Immediately After Moving Across the Country

Picking up and relocating yourself from one coast to another is hugely intimidating but massively impressive. It takes a lot of bravery to leave behind everything you know in favor of a brand new frontier! Whether you’re moving for a job, for love, or simply for yourself, there are some things you should keep in mind as you make yourself at home in a new city. Here are some suggestions on how you can go about settling in and acclimating to your new life.

1. Change Your Address

This might seem like a very obvious “duh”, but you’d be shocked to learn the amount of people who forget to update their address across all their various accounts. This includes all your credit card statements and automated billing accounts—you’re probably going to spend a bit of time at home unpacking or trying new takeout and the last thing you want is for your Spotify or Netflix account to turn off because a payment couldn’t process. Take the time to officially change your mailing address with the U.S. Post Office as well; that way, any mail that does come to your former address can be officially forwarded to your new home.

2. Set Goals

To keep your mind focused, identify why you moved and want you want to get out of this transition. Then, depending on your answers, create actionable steps that can help you achieve your goals. Here are some examples:

  • Moved for college – Buy a planner; rent textbooks; track flights around holidays
  • Moved for a relationship – Find balance; focus on self; explore hobbies
  • Moved for a job – Enroll in business course; research nearby lunch spots
  • Moved for self – Get outdoors; practice meditation; learn a skill

Use this radical transition as a time to reflect on self-improvement and personal growth.

3. Get to Know the Town

Once you’ve got the logistics figured out and your intentions set, you can have a blast exploring the new town you call home. To do so, you’ll need to be mobile. Maybe you’ve moved to the Big Apple or a similar city with an impressive public transportation, in which case you should start familiarizing yourself with those routes ASAP. If you road tripped across the country and already have a set of wheels at your disposal, then it’ll be easy for you to immediately immerse yourself in city life and all the nearby attractions.

But if you don’t have a car, you might consider buying one to avoid feeling immobilized, a prisoner to your new home. Those who know their move will be temporary might consider leasing a car versus buying one to avoid the hassle of shipping the car in the foreseeable future. For example, if you’re leaving the glitz of Hollywood to find your own beach on Florida’s East Coast, it’s probably easier to just lease a new Audi in Orlando. That way, you can avoid expensive shipping costs and don’t have to put the high mileage on your German sports car during the transcontinental drive.

Not sure where to go to meet new people and form new friendships? Here are the best happenings in the city to give you some inspiration!

  • Farmer’s Market – In Austin, you can go to the Lone Star Farmer’s Market every Sunday at the Hill County Galleria, but you’re guaranteed to find a similar farmer’s market in your new neighborhood. This gives you a prime opportunity to knock out your weekly grocery shopping while supporting and learning about small local businesses. Fruits and vegetables taste fresher when they’re locally sourced by farms you know personally! In addition to food stands, you’ll scroll through many booths and vendors give you a sense of what’s available around you and going on in the community.
  • Training Studio – Moving to a new city can be lonely, but exercise is a great way to cure that problem and productively kill time. Yoga in particular is known for its immense benefits on mental health as well as creating a foundation for many lasting friendships grounded in similar values.
  • Local Meet Ups – is a great resource you should use to discover online groups that host in-person events for people with similar interests. Networking mixers, outdoor adventures… there are no shortage of options you can find!

These are our top three tips for how to follow up your big move—now get out there and start exploring!