Teen InFluential Spotlight: Amber Bernstein Has Beauty and Brains Running Through Her Veins

Photography courtesy of Brian B. Hayes / Shandrew PR.

Amber Bernstein is a model and entrepreneur.  She was attracted to the modeling business at a very early age, with agents approaching her at eight years old.  Not content just working in front of the camera, Amber started her own online boutique aimed at teen fashion and accessories, AmberBernsteincouture.com.

Amber is not a novice to the entertainment business. Her dad was the late producer Jay Bernstein, who was responsible for discovering some of the biggest icons in the entertainment business, such as Pamela Anderson, Farrah Fawcett, Drew Barrymore, and Heather Locklear. Amber’s mother is a famed actress, model, and entrepreneur in her own right.  It’s not at all surprising Amber has beauty and brains running through her veins.

Nicole Glenn, our Editor of Teen InFluential was thrilled to catch up with Amber her to chat about her life as a model, the importance of goals, and ways to spend spare time in meaningful ways.

Read the Exclusive Interview in our March / April Issue.