Tech Celebrity Gerard Adams Says Fulfillment, Not Achievement is What Entrepreneurs Should Strive For.


Finding success in entrepreneurship isn’t easy, but living with purpose and passion can be even harder. While he’s worked with many different companies and influencers to build, create and innovate, Gerard Adams maintains that he would rather focus on his true passion – sharing what he knows with others.

Gerard’s story begins unlike most millennial entrepreneurs. After high school, he enrolled at Caldwell University. However, he quickly realized that college wasn’t for him. After one semester, Gerard dropped out and follow his own path.

While he began his professional career working for a firm, Gerard ended up on the entrepreneurial path fairly quickly. One such example was Wall Street Grand, a forum he started that added a ratings system to give credibility to contributors and writers. By the time he was 24, he had already made his first million dollars.

Gerard was beginning to gain influence at this point, and he was eventually hired by mPhase to organize a presentation for their nanobattery. The presentation, which was aimed to attract investors, was a failure – a critical step in Gerard’s personal journey.

The Rise of “Voice of Generation Y”

While he was involved in different projects after leaving college, Gerard struck gold when he co-founded Elite Daily. The idea for Elite Daily came from his interns David Arabov and Jonathan Francis, and Gerard noticed that they were onto something big. He supplied the funding and guidance for the site, and it eventually grew into a massively popular news site that was attracting well over one million readers a day. In 2015, the group sold Elite Daily for $50 million.

The growth and eventual sale of Elite Daily is seen as Gerard’s claim to fame, a sign that he has succeeded the same way other millennials have. However, building a company into a multi-million dollar force isn’t what drives Gerard.

Prior to his biggest successes, Gerard was looking for a deeper meaning in the work he was doing. Yes, he had a knack for sales and telling a story. He was able to connect with others, and he had a very promising career and life ahead of him. But making money simply wasn’t enough to keep Gerard driven.

That’s when Gerard began getting mentored by Tony Robbins. Tony, a successful entrepreneur that focuses on teaching others to overcome their fears and unleash their inner potential, taught Gerard a lesson that guides him today: “success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.” This rang true with Gerard, and he embraced the lesson and applied it to his personal life.

Today, Gerard spends his time in his native Newark, New Jersey, working toward fulfillment. After learning from Tony, Gerard realized that his purpose in life is to help other entrepreneurs that want to take their ideas and create businesses of their own. This became the basis for FOWNDERS, Gerard’s current project.

Harvard fireside chat

Harvard fireside chat

Social Impact Brings Adams Home

FOWNDERS is a start-up accelerator, meaning it helps young, growing companies receive the funding, connections and guidance they need to succeed on their own. Under Gerard’s non-profit start-up, millennials in the Newark area will get the resources they need to make their own entrepreneurial dreams come true. To ensure the most success, all FOWNDERS entrepreneurs get the benefits of an incubator free of charge. While helping these young entrepreneurs pursue their goals, Gerard also hopes to establish Newark as a hub for future entrepreneurs, giving back to the city that raised him.

Drawing back from the importance of a mentor in his own life, Gerard has made sure that FOWNDERS includes its own mentorship program. Millennial entrepreneurs that work through FOWNDERS will be connected with one of many already established mentors, each of which offers a unique point of view and experience that will prove beneficial for others.

There is a lot to look forward to with Gerard and FOWNDERS. The start-up accelerator is still relatively new, and it will take time to see where some of the start-ups begin to go. But as time goes on, FOWNDERS and the start-ups it aides will begin to grow, and they could end up becoming some of the biggest success stories of tomorrow.

If this happens, then consider Gerard’s personal goals for success achieved. Help others to find success – that’s what drives Gerard, FOWNDERS and the journey to create the next wave of millennial entrepreneurs.