Victoria Garcia Warmly Welcomes You to the 2nd Anniversary Issue of Teen InFluential

Victoria Garcia, Contributing Writer for Teen InFluential

Victoria Garcia, Contributing Writer for Teen InFluential

Teen InFluential Celebrates its 2nd Anniversary in Leather N’ Stripes, no less.

It’s with great pleasure to welcome you, our allegiant readers, to our second-year anniversary issue of Teen Influential. It is your interest and your loyalty that have made Teen InFluential such a trend setting success. Your devotion to our family of writers is highly appreciated and we are delighted to be part of your daily Zen.

As fall is upon us, young adults across the nation will become dorm residents. Will you be one? Do not let the drab walls and oak bed frames discourage you. We have just what you need inside this exciting edition. Inside, you will learn design tips to make your dorm as chic as you. Oh, and the freshman 15? Not happening. Enjoy our quick and healthy recipes to keep you energized and strong. Maybe you are destined for love this season? With love, all things are possible and we will guide you on ways to keep your feet grounded and your heart full.

So, journey with us as we share with you, ideas that will keep your mind intrigued, your body healthy, and your lifestyle balanced. Sit back, grab your favorite latte and let’s explore the greatest version of you.  After all, you are InFluential…

Victoria Garcia,

Contributing Writer

Teen InFluential 

Beautiful Words to Our Readers From Victoria Garcia, Contributing Writer for Teen InFluential

Victoria Garcia, Contributing Writer for Teen InFluential

Victoria Garcia, Contributing Writer for Teen InFluential

It is with great pleasure to welcome you, our faithful readers of Teen InFluential, to our July / August Celebrate Sweet Summer Issue! Thank you for tuning in or shall we say, “turning the page,” into one of the most optimal magazines for teenagers. We make it our priority to provide you with the hottest trends to keep you enlightened for all your seasonal needs.

This Issue is filled with everything under the sun from exclusive interviews with Sofia Gonzalez, to tips on buying your first car. Here you will find awesome ideas for new snacks, activities, and creative ways to stay busy this summer. While you explore this publication, may our unique articles inspire you to stay refreshed, active, and influential in your community as you have a delightful time during this break.

A special thank you to our talented team of photographers, graphic designers, contributing writers, and editors who make Teen InFluential the go-to magazine for teens and young adults.

Enjoy our Celebrate Sweet Summer Issue as you go have fun in the sun!

Live Beautifully,

Victoria Garcia

Contributing Writer for Teen InFluential

Victoria Garcia is Contributing Writer for Teen InFluential

Contributing Writer

Contributing Writer

InFluential Magazine and Teen InFluential are pleased to welcome Victoria Garcia as Contributing Writer for Teen InFluential.

Victoria Garcia is a high school junior heavily involved in her academics and community. Honored with the title of Miss Teen Austin Latina 2014-2015, Victoria has been the cover girl for several Austin magazines and featured in editorials throughout Central Texas. A role model for the community, Victoria is the proud co-founder of Uniquely Me, a club that is a collaboration of college and high school girls who serve the community and advocate member career interest through networking. On the weekends, you can find Victoria working backstage or on the runways of Austin supporting non-profit charities and their platforms.

Join us in welcoming Victoria.