How To Stay Hydrated in the Summer

Written by Nicole Glenn, Editor of Teen InFluential

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With the summer heat rising, it’s not surprising you may find yourself parched. Not only is it uncomfortable to feel thirsty, it can also be dangerous. If left unattended, by not keeping up your water intake, it can lead to dehydration, heat stroke, and potentially other life-threatening situations.

Dehydration is defined by Hopkins Medicine as a serious heat-related disease that typically occurs if an individual is overexposed to the sun and not drinking enough water. When the body loses water content and essential body salts, such as sodium and potassium, it can no longer maintain its strength. Although symptoms are different in everyone, some common signs to look for are thirst, dry skin, fatigue, light-headedness, dizziness, confusion, less-frequent urination, dry mouth and mucous membranes, increased heart rate and breathing.

Heat stroke is one of the most severe cases of heat-related diseases and may need emergency medical attention. If working or partaking in activities in hot areas, you want to focus on staying hydrated. If a person becomes dehydrated and cannot sweat enough to cool his or her body, their internal temperature may rise to dangerously high levels. Although some symptoms are like dehydration, heat stroke can also lead to disorientation, agitation, sluggishness, seizures, hot, dry skin that is flushed but not sweaty, a high body temperature, loss of consciousness, rapid heartbeat, and even hallucinations.

So how can you and your family avoid a trip to the ER because of dehydration and heat stroke this summer? First and foremost, be aware of the symptoms and be on the lookout. If you or anyone around you begin to show symptoms, have them rest in a shaded area and have them drink water or liquids with electrolytes such as Gatorade. Put cool water on the skin and fan them in order to stimulate sweat. In the case of heat stroke, have them lie on their backs with their feet slightly elevated.

In order to help prevent dehydration and heat stroke make sure to drink plenty of hydrating fluids such as water and sports drinks. Especially on hot and humid days, avoid liquids known to cause dehydration such as sodas and alcohol. Try to avoid being outside during the hottest part of the day and aim for your outdoor activities to be in the morning or late evening when it is cooler. Dress for the heat by wearing lightweight, light colored, loose fitting clothing and by wearing a hat and sunglasses. If you want to spend more time outdoors this summer, you can also build your tolerance by gradually increasing your time outdoors to get your body used to the heat.

Don’t let the heat limit your summer fun.

Drink plenty of water, take a break as needed, and you can stay hydrated all summer long.

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Teen InFluential Spotlight: Amber Bernstein Has Beauty and Brains Running Through Her Veins

Photography courtesy of Brian B. Hayes / Shandrew PR.

Amber Bernstein is a model and entrepreneur.  She was attracted to the modeling business at a very early age, with agents approaching her at eight years old.  Not content just working in front of the camera, Amber started her own online boutique aimed at teen fashion and accessories,

We caught up recently with her to chat about her life as a model, the importance of goals, and ways to spend spare time in impactful ways. In the near future, catch Amber on a cover of Maxim and on TV this coming holiday season in the sequel to Beverly Hills Christmas.

Read the Exclusive Feature Amber Bernstein Has Beauty and Brains Running Through Her Veins written by Ms. Nicole Glenn, our Editor of Teen InFluential.

InFluential Magazine Introduces New Features and Editors

Spanish InFluential and Teen InFluential bring relevant, engaging perspectives to expanded audience

Austin, TX – July 7, 2015 – William T. Jackson, President of W. Jackson & Associates, LLC & Publisher and Chief Creative Director of InFluential Magazine, recently announced the addition of two new features. Aimed at reaching an expanded readership, Spanish InFluential and Teen InFluential will be introduced starting with July / August 2015 issue of InFluential Magazine.

Spanish InFluential will be presided over by Leonardo D’Almagro, in addition to his role as InFluential Magazine fashion editor. “We want to bring to our readers who prefer to read in Spanish, editorials which would not only be of interest, but would be published in Spanish,” Jackson said.

Nicole Glenn

Nicole Glenn

Nicole Glenn has been named editor of Teen InFluential, a feature that will deliver trending editorials of interest to teens written by their peers. Glenn, an 18-year-old college student, is a recent Brentwood Christian School graduate and is currently pursuing Visual Communications degree at Texas A&M University – Commerce.

“We are thrilled to have someone as talented and versatile as Nicole to guide the editorial direction of Teen InFluential,” Jackson said. “Besides being a college student, Nicole has been working as a professional model for three years, and won the Top Austin Model competition in 2013. Her appeal and keen insight will bring a breath of fresh air, from a young person’s perspective, to InFluential Magazine.”

Nicole Glenn Named Top Austin Model 2013

Nicole Glenn

Since the casting back in January, Top Austin Model 2013 contestants have been working their way to the top with fashionable photo shoots and runway shows to be named Top Austin Model 2013.  Nicole Glenn was named Top Austin Model during the finale on Sunday, March 24th.  Nicole was a favorite amongst the judges Brianna Fleet Founder of Butterfly Entertainment, photographer Peter Tung, and hair stylist Ivy Kim.  Harlee Rae was voted Fan Favorite based on votes from the local on-line community and attendees of the runway shows.  Runners up were Cameron Curphey and Lani Rader. 

William Jackson

Included in this installment of Top Austin Model were for the men from Capra and Cavelli modeled by Fashionable and Fabulous Men of Austin including “Best Keyboardist of Austin” AJ Vincent, Marques Harper of the Austin American Statesman, Chris Hook from the Austin Fire Department, Mic Trotty 2012 CW Austin Star, our Publisher William Jackson, and Austin Fashion Week founder Matt Swinney. 

Congratulations as well to all the contestants and the Fashionable and Fabulous Men of Austin.