Actress, Model, and Philanthropist Gena Lee Nolin is Someone You Should Know

Photography courtesy of ShandrewPR.

We have the pleasure of Featuring Superstar Gena Lee Nolin in our July / August 2017 Issue.

Gena Lee shares with us her perspective on the Power of Taking Changes, the Appeal of Media, why Family is Power, and her Powerful Words of Wisdom

Read Gena Lee’s inspiration InNetwork Features in our July / August 2017 Issue here.

Featuring Katy Johnson: Actress, Model, Show Host, and World Traveler

Photography courtesy of Eduardo Cellabos.

We’re thrilled to feature Katy Johnson as one of our esteemed contributing writers for our May / June 2017 Issue of InFluential Magazine.  She contributed the intriguing article titled A Southeast Asia Experience to Remember which we invite you to read.  Trust us, after you do, you’ll be anxious to book your trip to Southeast Asia!

Who is Katy Johnson?

As an actress, Katy has worked on a number of film and TV series.  She starred in the South African unscripted drama series, “Clifton Shores,” as well as having appeared in USA Network’s “Monk,” and ABC’s “Greek.”  As model, she has been featured in a variety of national magazines and has modeled for clothing and swimwear brands.

Inspired by her own personal struggles with body image and the demands for ‘ideal perfection’ in the entertainment industry, she is beginning work on her documentary “One Model Mission,” in which she intends to visit 196 countries and document 196 definitions of beauty as defined by each culture.

Her passion for animal rights is why Katy is a member of PETA and the National Humane Society.

You can follow Katy on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  For the latest on Katy’s documentary, you can follow her Facebook page One Model Mission.

Exclusive Interview: Sarah Duque Lovisoni is a Remarkable Talent and a Remarkable Beauty

Photography courtesy of Andi Brooke Photography.

Venezuelan top-model Sarah Duque Lovisoni is an impressive combination of beauty and culture. Celebrated as a successful model, the elegant Venezuelan has also created an interior design company, SDL Design, in the United States which collaborates with numerous Italian luxury brands.

Born in Milan, Sarah naturally began her modeling career there as the face of some of the most prestigious companies in the world such as Pantene, Pirelli, La Perla, Vogue, Roberto Cavalli, and Alberta Ferretti.

Soon thereafter, Sarah came to Los Angeles where she’s represented by AC Talent, one of the most prestigious agencies in the city. Today you can see her alongside Julia Roberts in the international campaign of Lancome Cosmetics, Paris for the ‘La Vie Est Belle’ fragrance.

It’s thrilling to learn more about Sarah.  She is a woman who possesses such a wonderful spirit, which is so contagious.  I’m totally captivated by her and happy to share highlights of our conversations.

Read our riveting interview conducted and written by William Jackson to learn why Sarah is truly a remarkable talent and a remarkable beauty.

An InFluential Magazine Exclusive with Supermodel & Superwoman Julie Anderson

We are absolutely thrilled to bring to your our Exclusive Interview with Supermodel & Superwoman Julie Anderson.  The stunning cover is shot by celebrity photographer Paul Empson.



This is an InFluential Magazine first, featuring our cover model on the coveted back cover as well!

Back Cover

Back Cover

Here’s a gorgeous behind the scenes photo from the photo shoot.  Creating the beautiful coif is Patrice Bisiot, hairstylist to the stars.

Julie and Patrice Bisiot

Julie and Patrice Bisiot, May 2015

Favorite selection’s of Julie’s stunning covers from a variety of international magazines.


The Beautiful Life of Todd Anthony Tyler

Todd Anthony Tyler

Todd Anthony Tyler is one of the sought after photographers and creative directors in the fashion industry. 

Scott Ludington had the opportunity to chat with Mr. Tyler on everything from his career to how he manages successfully his very busy daily calendar. 

Read The Beautiful Life of Todd Anthony Tyler in the March / April Issue.  By the way the cover features a photograph recently shot by Mr. Tyler.

The Beautiful Life of Todd Anthony Tyler

We’re thrilled our March / April Issue features an exclusive interview with Todd Anthony Tyler as well as an exclusive selection of pictures personally selected for InFluential Magazine by Todd.  

Who is Todd Anthony Tyler? 

Todd Anthony Tyler, is one of the leading fashion photographers and art directors.  Known for transforming models into icons, Tyler operates a successful photo studio in Shanghai. He has made a career shooting for the most elite fashion magazines such as Vogue China, Harper’s Bazaar China and Elle China.  Most recently he’s known for being a resident photographer and judge on Asia’s Next Top Model. 

His extreme talent and attention to detail made him the obvious choice to create the recent photo shoot of  HRH Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana of  Thailand for the magazine NUMERO

Check out the behind the scenes of this Royal Photo Shoot.

We’re thrilled to feature the editorial written by Scott Ludington and our Editor-in-Chief Laura Suarez The Beautiful Life of Todd Anthony Tyler in our March / April Issue.  We hope you enjoy this editorial as much as we do bringing it to you. 

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Top Five Reasons Why Agency Representation Is Important for Models and Talent

By Justin Brown , CEO Wilhelmina Brown
Photography:  Wilhelmina Brown

We’re in the age of online forums where models can market themselves. Calls for talent are posted on internet bulletin boards like craigslist and paid jobs are open to the public at large, so the DIY mentality is pervasive, so the question arises – If modeling agencies can take 20% of a talent’s bookings, why would a potential talent need an agency if one can find paid jobs yourself?

1. Agencies Secure Higher Paying Jobs
When a company is looking to hire a professional model, the higher paying and more reputable jobs will only go through talent agencies.  If a job is not through an agency, it is probably because the company does not have the budget to pay a fair rate. A contracted talent may give up 20% to an agency, but will actually make far more take-home money, even after paying commissions.

2. Your Safety Comes First
Your agency will make sure the job is respectable, legitimate and ensure that the model is always safe.  We have all heard horror stories of the unseemly or predatory who post on craigslist and other outlets, listing fake jobs.  Some aspiring models have even paid with their life, warranting the need for a reputable agency to protect the talent.

3. Professional Counseling On Overall Look and Image
An agent is an expert in marketing models.  They know exactly how one will fit into a market and can arrange for the proper photography and marketing materials to showcase to the best clients for you.

4. Access To An Exclusive Client List
Every agency has a list of clients that they work exclusively with. It can take years to build the trust and respect needed to work with a client exclusively.  As the model signed on to an agency, you have an opportunity to work with many a client that would never have been possible before.

5. Let Your Agent Protect You
Everyone wants to please a client, but as a model, you improve your status and reputation by remaining the ‘good guy.’  When a client asks for your services, you can politely say, “I would love to. Give my agent a call and they can book me”.  If it is a job that isn’t appropriate, an agent can be the one to refuse and protect you and your image. An agent can play hardball for the best possible rate and make sure the model doesn’t get taken advantage of in any circumstance.

Visit the Wilhelmina Brown Team for additional guidance.