4 Secrets to Building a Brand Presence

By William Jackson

As a business owner, I’m keenly interested in topics related to branding.  A main goal of InFluential Magazine is to ensure the strength of our brand, customarily done through strategic practices which are continuous in nature.  

An informative article related to this topic is 4 Secrets to Building a Brand Presence authored and published by Yoshito Hori, Founder and President of GLOBIS.  He references strategies which have worked for him, those being:

(a) BE DIFFERENT: Define yourself in contrast to your competitors.

(b) BE ASPIRATIONAL: Project a big vision that your customers will want to be part of.

(c) BE MEDIA PRAGMATIC: Use every kind of media to raise awareness.

(d) BE CUSTOMER-OBSESSED: Word of mouth from satisfied customers is always the most effective communications strategy.

Excellent suggestions for new businesses, but beneficial as well for mature businesses. 

The complete editorial can be read hereAfter you read, I’m interestined in your perspective and techniques. 

InFluential Magazine Hires Communications Coordinator to Engage with Readers

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InFluential Magazine Hires Communications Coordinator to Engage with Readers  

Austin, TX — March 3, 2014 – President William Jackson of W. Jackson & Associates, LLC and publisher of InFluential Magazine announced today that Chloe Scheller has been selected as the magazine’s Communications Coordinator. 

Scheller obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication with an emphasis in public relations from the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay. She has provided public relations and marketing assistance to a broad range of companies and individuals including a non-profit, a designer and a local restaurant.  Scheller’s experience with branding, audience analysis, social media and blogging will help to engage with InFluential Magazine’s readers and continue to provide them with interesting and valuable content. 

“Chloe brings strong knowledge of marketing and public relations strategies, making her more than qualified to assist with managing the competitive challenges of our environment. Her experience in various marketing and PR roles complemented by focused secular education, gives her the unique ability to support our expansion goals to reach the best outcome,” said Jackson. 

About InFluential Magazine  

Founded in 2011, InFluential captures emerging trends on the verge of shaping our world as exemplified through avant-garde leaders who inspire us on personal and professional levels. Our benchmark is founded upon identifying key elements that positively define cultural influence and significance. In providing direct insight, resources and direction into what is now and especially what is next, InFluential establishes itself as the premiere and trusted source of trends sure to impact the way we live, dream and distinguish our world.  

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