Brisk Festival L.A. Will Take Place from July 11 through August 11

The brisk festival is an international theater Festival that features short plays up to 10 min long. What makes live theater so special is the human interaction, both between the players on stage and between actors and audience. The brisk festival multiply that raw and creative energy, with different ensembles, directors and writers exchanging ideas, learning from each other and training inspiration. The short stories allow audiences to experience in a very limited amount of time a wide range of emotions and feelings, making them think and talk about different subjects and situations brought by the more than 250 talented participants.

The festival was founded in 2018 in Los Angeles, by the Spanish actor, producer, director and member of The Actors’ Gang, Christian Rodrigo. Some of his latest credits as an actor, include: Snatch (Season 2), No Way Out, Wings or Stevie (Christian Rodrigo IMDB: Christian Rodrigo first professional theater project was as an Assistant Director of John Malkovich in 2003 and 2004 when he directed the play Hysteria in Barcelona and Madrid.

The brisk festival is a wonderful tool for writers, directors and actors, that want to share their voice and talent in a professional environment and venue.

The festival goal is to become a powerful tool for the entertainment industry, as a way to discover new or established local talent, and to engage and bring bigger audiences to the theater. The festival also wants to be an example of diversity and plurality.

Christian Rodrigo

Christian Rodrigo

Full Emotions, with more than 12 years of experience producing films, television and theater is in charge of producing the festival. Los Angeles and Mexico DF in America, and Barcelona and Madrid in Europe are the first cities chosen to host the festival in 2019 and 2020. Los Angeles Brisk Festival production will be lead by Christian Rodrigo and the Mexican producer and actor, Ramon Valdez.

The festival has 8 programs of 6-7 plays each, 54 short plays in total, that will be competing during 4 weeks, out of 350 submissions received. 34 plays are in English and 20 in Spanish. And although most of them are produced by LA local companies, there will be also artists coming from Mexico, Florida, and Australia in this first edition.

The best plays, chosen by a professional Jury (casting directors, producers, directors, actors, writers, managers and agents) and by a popular jury (the audience), will be competing in the Finals’ weekend during the 5th week of the festival, August 10th and 11th. The best play in English and the best play in Spanish will receive an award of $500.

The festival organizers are happy to share that the number of women and men participating in the different areas of the festival (from writers or directors to actors or producers) is really balanced.

Among many great writers, the festival will have works from: the Emmy and WGA winner Ken Levine and Emanuel Fried and Artvoice winner Donna Hoke.

Brisk LA (Los Angeles brisk festival) will begin on July 11th and will be based at the Broadwater Main Stage at 1076 Lilian Way, Los Angeles, CA 90038. Tickets start at $15.00 (plus taxes & fees) and are available at

VIALE Beauty Appoints Taek Kim as Chief Design Officer

Taek Kim

Taek Kim

VIALE Beauty, a Los Angeles based skincare company focused on developing caviar-infused, cruelty free beauty products, announced today that it would hire Taek Kim as their new Chief Design Officer. The prominent startup attracted the top executive from a well-known technology and healthcare company known for its groundbreaking innovations in the heath and design spaces. The Korean design and marketing expert will contribute more than a decade’s worth of experience in shaping some of the most recognizable brands in the world.

The Korean beauty regimen has been dictating the direction of the global beauty industry over the last few years. With the appointment of Taek Kim, the Los Angeles based startup aims to increase the popularity of the new premium focusing on the North American and Asian markets, and become a globally recognized beauty brand. As a Chief Design Officer, Taek Kim will be responsible for overseeing all design and innovation aspects of VIALE’s products and services, including product design, graphic design, user experience design, industrial design, and package design. The new member of the VIALE team will also be overseeing some aspects of advertising, marketing, and engineering. Other areas of the business sometimes overshadow design but multiple success stories prove that design is as important as every other aspect of the company. Having on board one of the most knowledgeable design professionals in the world is what will help VIALE elevate over the competition in the next few years.

“I spent the last month thinking about everything I’ve accomplished with my previous employer over the last eight years. So many employees, vendors, media representatives told me how much they enjoyed our products. Such kind words always warmed my heart and made me push forward”, said Taek Kim. “However, I am an entrepreneur by nature! I see potential in the new premium skincare and I feel now is the right time to turn the page and accept the offer from VIALE Beauty. I’ve always been in love with the startup culture, I am an explorer, and I enjoy the voyage of discovery. The journey is the reward!”

Back in 2009, Taek Kim joined a then start-up local massage chair manufacturer. He has been leading the growth of the company ever since turning it into an entity valued at more than $2 billion. Almost all departments in the company were developed by him. When Taek joined the company they only had 20 employees and a net worth of less than $9,000,000 annually. Less than ten years later the result is one of the best performing healthcare brands in the world grossing annual sales of $500 million per year and having more than 1300 employees.


Founded in 2017, VIALE Beauty is a US based skincare company focused on clean beauty. The cruelty free skincare startup develops beauty products infused with caviar, horse placenta, and eight other exclusive ingredients, crafted in the heart of one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites – Jeju Island. The team consists of health specialists, designers, and beauty experts from all over the world including Korea, Italy, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles. The organization relies on implementing their diverse cultures, tastes, and skills in developing high-quality skincare products. VIALE is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

The Extraterrestrial Couple Shaking Up the Art World

Radical POP Art that is Shifting Consciousness

House of Orion, LA’s newest art-house, announces the opening if its online gallery to showcase original works from Avant-garde and classically trained artists. Exhibits include paintings, drawings, photographs, films, digital art, and sculptures.

The gallery founders, Marie-Pier Tremblay and Julian Prolman launched the House of Orion with their own co-collaboration in a three-part series entitled; Ascension, Butterfly and Fall from Grace. To view the galleries debut collection visit:

“House of Orion is here to use the power of art to transcend earthly boundaries by promoting provocative, supernatural imagery and spiritually centered, mystical art by uncommon, other-world inspired art” said co-founder Julian Prolman.

ASCENSION is the premier photographic exhibition series Photographed by Julian featuring model Marie-Pier. The series depicts thought provoking imagery with a vibrant message, the need to heal the planet. A lone woman not of this earth manifests to connect with nature and feel her pain.

“Releasing creative energy is my gateway to source, a voyage to the heart of divinity. From this place I can express my thoughts and emotions in physical form. It’s a journey that brings me to a state elation. It is my hope to connect with art enthusiasts in this way” said co-founder Marie-Pier Tremblay.

Invitation-only, pop-up exhibitions will be held at out-of-the-ordinary venues. Interested invitees can sign up to be on the guest list at on the website.

For more information contact:

Phone: 415 827 1051

About Marie-Pier

Marie-Pier Tremblay (Signature “Mara”) is from Montreal and of Moroccan heritage. Marie-Pier is a polymathic creative with a diverse artistic repertoire that includes; poetry, drawing, photography, modeling, art direction and visual storytelling.

Marie-Pier’s creations purposely express primal emotions through wondrous, nature-based imagery to activate humankind’s repressed common desire to escape the illusion of the physical world.

About Julian Prolman

Julian Prolman is a social-entrepreneur from San Francisco and of Moroccan heritage.

From an early age, Julian has been involved in various aspects of the music industry from creative to concert production. Julian studied fine art and fashion along with marketing and communications in London. In 2012 Julian established Eco Fashion House, Ministry of Tomorrow, with the company’s flagship, luxury, vegan bag and accessory factory located in Nairobi, Kenya. Julian co-founded House of Orion with his beloved and partner Marie-Pier Tremblay. He is a photographer, artist and art director who manages the production and promotion of the gallery events.

Featuring InFluential Magazine Contributing Writer Marques Harper

We’re please to publish in our November / December Issue, the Feature Editorial Buenos Aires Cafe ~ Celebrating a Decade of Sweet Success superbly written by Marques Harper.

Marques Harper is a Los Angeles-based screenwriter and blogger who also works on campaigns for national and international clients as a content and social media strategist. A former fashion writer for the Austin American-Statesman, Harper’s work has appeared in publications including The New York Times, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and The Oregonian.