Practical Tips to Prep for Festive Season Travel

Planning travel around the festive season is rarely simple. Coordinating flights or ground transportation is often just the beginning, and safely arriving at your destination may feel like a gift in its own right.

During the hustle and bustle of the festive season, concerns about health and safety can fall by the wayside, but some medical emergencies – whether it be an unforeseen accident, food reaction or chronic condition – are more prevalent during the holiday season. For example, the American Heart Association notes the highest incidence rate of cardiac mortality for the entire year occurs between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Food poisoning, intoxication, traffic accidents and injuries related to burns and decorations, among other incidents, also result in higher amounts of emergency room visits during the holidays.

This year, with festive season travel volume projected to be its highest since 2005 in the United States, according to AAA, take heightened precautions to prepare for the unexpected and protect your health and safety.

Schedule a safety net. During the festive season, disruptions to your travel schedule are practically a guarantee. Plan for the inevitable by creating a travel schedule that gives you ample cushion for interruptions like traffic delays and late flights.

Carry your health history with you. While medical emergencies may not be predictable, having pertinent medical information for everyone in your party can make an unexpected medical event less problematic. Particularly for caregivers, whether your charges are children or aging adults, a tool like the Backpack Health app can help you get organized. The free mobile app provides secure access to personalized, comprehensive medical information and documents, including wellness, illnesses, injuries, chronic health conditions, physicians, prescriptions, allergies and treatments, in one central location on your mobile device. It is also multilingual, providing peace of mind even if traveling abroad and information needs translated for a medical professional.

“Especially for people living with chronic, serious and rare conditions, holiday travel often disrupts health routines – like skipping or rescheduling medical appointments and treatments or forgetting to refill, pack and take medications – and can rob people of enjoying time with friends and family,” said Jim Cavan, president and CEO of Backpack Health. “If you’re traveling across the globe or across town, having extensive medical history, for both you and your loved ones, at your fingertips offers assurance to enjoy the festive season with more peace of mind without the burden of carrying medical folders.”

For more information and to download the app, visit

Pack for the unexpected. Plan around delays by ensuring you have snacks and entertainment to divert antsy children (and adults). Be sure to keep medications in your carry-on bags or where you can easily access them in the car. If you’re traveling by car, carry an emergency kit with items such as extra blankets, a first-aid kit and roadside flares.

Watch the weather. If you’ll be traveling to an area that experiences severe winter weather, or if you live in an area that could have wintry weather when you return, it’s a good idea to keep close tabs on the forecast. Timing your arrival differently by hours or a day can make a major difference in your travel time and safety.

As you embark on this year’s travel adventures, keep the spirit of the season alive and focus on all the good that awaits when you arrive. (Family Features)

Backpack Health

Top Festive Season Gift Guide Picks from NYC / Miami Hairstylist

The festive season is here, and people are starting to make their wish lists. Before we check them twice, it’s time to start thinking about what to get for the beauty obsessed person on your list.

Below are some favorite products and things on the wish list from Miami / NYC Hair Stylist, Lucy Garcia Planck, from Salon Bergdorf Goodman, who gives some of her top beauty recommendations for a great gift:

  • Iron BaByliss Nano Titanium Ulta-Thin Straightening Flat Iron: super lightweight and smooth, which allows you to straighten more hair faster. It features ultra-smooth titanium plates to conduct ultra-high heat and resist corrosion. Five-inch extended plates allow for quicker straightening, and it has such a slim design.

  • Shu Uemura Small Round Hair Brush: made of 100% natural bristles that enhances definition and adds movement to strands. With the handle made of soft, lacquered Kotibe wood, the round brush provides a comfortable grip and is perfect for a blowout.

  • Ghd Curve Curling Iron: perfect hair curlers to help you achieve a variety of hairstyles, whether you’re looking for soft summer waves or sultry glamour curls for long or short hair. This brand is perfect because it locks in your curls from day to night and creates sunning, healthy looking curls that really last.

  • vitafusion Gorgeous Hair Skin & Nails Gummies: biotin is a natural supplement that many people don’t get enough of and that could be a contributing factor to dry, brittle hair and split ends. vitafusion Gorgeous Hair, Skin and Nails is a great-tasting gummy multivitamin containing 12 key nutrients, including Biotin and Vitamins C and E to help nourish beautiful hair, skin, and nails from the inside out.


  • Shu Ermana: Ample Angora Volumizing Light Foam: enriched with Japanese cedar bud, a giant sacred tree known for its fortifying properities, Shu Ermana offers maximum volume as ample and silky as angora. This product brings softness to the hair with no crunchy effect.

  • Milbon Repair Professional Treatment: powered by innovative dual-repair technology, this professional 4-step deep conditioning treatment is designed specially to strengthen and rebuild severely damaged, over-processed hair. These results last up to five weeks.


Clever Kitchen Upgrades

Fresh colors and textures for a functional kitchen style

For avid cooks, seasoned hosts and busy families, the kitchen is likely the center of daily life and a place where both form and function are of the utmost importance.

This high-traffic space generally influences the design of the rest of the house, especially if the home has more of an open-concept layout. The colors and materials used in the kitchen normally set the tone for the rest of the home.

When it comes to considerations like finish and materials, kitchen cabinetry trends are shifting toward colored cabinetry and a mixture of exposed textures and materials.











Colorful allure

White kitchen cabinets have dominated the market for years; white is constant, safe and classic. While white kitchens are likely to remain a popular option for homeowners, buying trends are showing a shift in painted cabinetry design from classic white to eye-catching colors.

Natural colors, burnt orange, shades of gray, blue hues and green tones are likely to be the leaders in painted cabinetry colors in 2019, and all are offered through an option like Wellborn’s ColorInspire program.

For those with a visionary and creative approach to design, the blue tones for cabinetry reach atmospheric wisps of colors and capture the unique space between technology and spirituality. The unbridled adventurer may use burnt orange to soak in the blue of endless horizon and the subtle earthy colors of the high plains and desert.

For the naturalist, green earthy tones can bring the wonder of the world into your kitchen. For the cozy home-body, dark warm tones of gray on cabinetry add a rich and modern scope that spans space and time.

Trends in texture

From classic to modern and from farmhouse to high-tech modernistic styling, designers work to make surfaces make a statement. With cabinetry, there’s no shortage of options: matte and glossy, dark and light, with and without handles.

Technology has played a major role in the improved quality of laminates in the kitchen; many of today’s laminate options have a more realistic appearance and texture than their ancestors. For a more authentic wood look, an option like Wellborn Cabinet’s Decorative Laminate Veneer Door Collection is filled with color choices in a range of materials spanning embossed and textured melamine, acrylic, laminates, metal and more.

Another option is cabinetry featuring timber with exposed grain for a balance between embracing nature and exuding sophistication. This trend celebrates imperfections and allows you to bring nature into your home. Defined or rustic woods are made from materials such as walnut, oak and cherry. For nature enthusiasts or those seeking the rustic farmhouse style, you can find beautiful organic finishes in Wellborn’s Aspire Full Access Frameless line. The standout feature is heavy graining. Hand sanding, along with hand-rubbed finishes, provide a quality product with varied textures that minimizes the need for a lot of color.












Focus on Function

A beautiful kitchen may please the eye, but when it comes down to it, a kitchen’s function is its greatest value. Integrate these ideas for a kitchen that offers maximum function for one of your home’s most-used spaces.

Declutter the countertops. Consider incorporating pull-out and roll-out trays into your cabinetry to maximize your storage space, as well as dressing your cabinets with appropriate inserts and organizational kits. Eliminate wasted space by adding corner cabinets to utilize all your available space.

In addition, an option like Wellborn Cabinet’s Aspire Full Access Frameless cabinetry makes it simple to create diverse design styles with better storage options than traditional cabinet framing allows. Without a face frame on the front of the cabinet box, this style provides more room for storage and easier accessibility. You can create a modernistic kitchen, a rustic farmhouse kitchen or a nature-styled kitchen.

Determine the island’s function. The island is often the visual centerpiece of the kitchen, but determining its function can maximize its benefit. Fully functional cabinetry around the island can provide added storage space. For example, custom cabinetry appliance panels let you not only conceal bulky appliances, they also give your wall cabinets more space and functionality.

Make recycling easy. Place the recycle and garbage bins in a drawer near the sink to allow for easier accessibility and keep them out of sight.

Explore more trendy looks for your new kitchen at (Family Features)

Wellborn Cabinet

Veterans and First Responders Invited to Bring Pets in for Free Pet Veterinary Services

Paws of War will be offering free pet care services for vets and first responders in need with their new mobile “Vets for Vets” program.

On December 6, 2018 from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m., Paws of War will be holding their new “Vets for “Vets” mobile veterinary clinic. Veterans and first responders in need are invited to bring their pets to the mobile clinic for care. The event will be held at the new Paws of War office, located at 127-7 Smithtown Blvd in Nesconset. Veterinary professionals will be on hand to provide a variety of free services. There will also be refreshments served.

“We are really excited about the December 6th clinic as we have gotten so many requests from the disabled veteran community,” says Dori Scofield, co-founder of Paws of War. “This is going to be a rewarding day for us and we hope to see many people stop by to check it out and support what we are doing.”

The mobile vet clinic event will include Dr. Julianne Gerbino of the Animal Hospital of Nesconset. She will be providing pets with free exams, vaccines, micro-chipping, nail clipping, and more. Dr. William Phelps will also be at the event to provide life-saving chemotherapy to “Lexi,” a U.S. Marine veteran’s dog who was diagnosed with lymphoma. Additionally, there will be a professional dog trainer and groomer on hand to offer assistance.

The Paws of War mobile veterinary clinic’s mission is to help both disabled veterans and first responders be able to care for their pets. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are 4 million veterans who have a service-connected disability, which is one that was a result of a disease or injury incurred or aggravated during active duty military service. 

“The mobile veterinary clinic helps us further expand our mission to provide assistance to veterans in need,” explained Robert Misseri, co-founder of Paws of War. “We are just getting started with it and can already tell it’s going to be a great service that is provided to an amazing group of people.”

Paws of War was able to obtain a used 2006 26-foot RV that was in need of serious repair. The original manufacturer, La Boit Specialty Vehicles, offered to completely refurbish it, free of charge, to help turn it into the fully customized mobile veterinary clinic it is today. Some of the veterinary services that will be provided by the Vets for Vets mobile clinic include annual vaccinations, dental care, allergy care, grooming/nail trimming, microchipping, wellness checks, minor surgeries, bloodwork/testing, and more.

Paws of War is currently seeking a sponsor for the “Vets for Vets” mobile clinic. Those interested in sponsoring the clinic should contact the organization for more details and information. Paws of War is an all-volunteer organization that provides assistance to military members and their pets and provides service and service dogs to veterans suffering from PTSD. To learn more about Paws of War or make a donation to support their efforts, visit their site at: 

About Paws of War

Paws of War is a 501c3 organization devoted to helping both animals and veterans. The Paws of War goal is to train and place shelter dogs to serve and provide independence to our United States military veterans who suffer from the emotional effects of war such as PTSD. In turn, each veteran can experience the therapeutic and unconditional love only a companion animal can bring. To learn more about Paws of War, visit the site at


U.S. Census Bureau. Veterans Day 2017.

What to Get the Man Who Has Everything this Festive Season

The Fishing Caddy makes a perfect gift for the man who likes to get outdoors

According to the Pew Research Center, 80 percent of people engage in online shopping, and this festive season that trend will continue. People love the convenience of online shopping, but there is a downside, too. Narrowing down the right gift, especially for the man who has everything, can be a daunting task. Type “gifts for men” into Google and you get over 1 billion results to choose from. The Fishing Caddy helps make the decision simple, affordable, and ensures that the person receiving the gift is going to love (and use) what they get.

“Everyone wants to find a great and functional gift for the man on their gift-buying list,” explains Joe Pippins, creator and founder of The Fishing Caddy. “With the Fishing Caddy there is simply no reason to look further. It’s been designed to be something that pleases nearly all men, and a lot of women and families, too.”

The Fishion Caddy - I

The Fishing Caddy is a popular gift this holiday season because of the simplicity, functionality, and the fact that people love it so much. It has been designed to make their time spent fishing more enjoyable and easier. The device is an all-in-one organization system that those who fish take with them anywhere. In fact, it’s been dubbed the “Swiss Army knife of fishing tools,” by the Outdoor Foundation. 

There are numerous reasons why The Fishing Caddy makes a perfect gift this holiday, including:

  • It’s all made in America and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee and a two-year warranty.
  • It offers complete organizations for anglers. Everything they need is at their fingertips. The Fishing Caddy features a built-in cup holder, two rod holders, LED lights, a live well for fish that are caught, and more. It puts all the tackle in one easy-to-carry device. Plus, it won’t tip over due to water weight.
  • The device has been designed to help people detect bites faster. The rods are kept closer by, which makes it easier to detect even the slightest movements.
  • The Fishing Caddy gives someone a gift of enjoyable outdoor time. They will have more time being organized while they do what they love. It helps to take the stress out of fishing, making it easier to carry everything they need.
  • It’s an affordable gift that won’t sit in the back of a closet. Not only will people want to use it all year long, but prices for them start at only $69.95 and range to $129.

“Anyone who loves to fish will love The Fishing Caddy,” added Pippins. “They can grab their caddy and head out for some peace and quiet as they drop their line in the water. It’s the gift that will give to them all year long.”

The Fishing Caddy is a device that can be used all year long, including for ice fishing, bank fishing, and kayak and boat fishing. It’s suitable for adults and children, as well as makes for a great family gift. The caddy is an all-in-one fishing system.

The Fishing Caddy was successfully launched in 2017 after Pippens, who grew up poor and was once homeless, developed the idea. He was able to raise $15,000 in seed money through a Kickstarter campaign, and then won the product competition on the Steve Harvey “FUNDERDOME” show, where he was awarded a prize of $20,000 seed money. 

Billed as the world’s first all-in-one fishing system, it has been designed to help make fishing more enjoyable and give people more time to fish, rather than track down and organize their tackle and supplies. The Fishing Caddy is available online at Amazon, at select Scheels locations, Etsy, and at the company website:

About The Fishing Caddy

The Fishing Caddy is the world’s first all-in-one fishing system. Created by Joe Pippins, the caddy offers anglers an easy and simplified way to head out fishing. Features on the caddy include two rod holders, a cup holder, live well for storing fish, tackle box, and a padded seat option. The Fishing Caddy is made in the USA and comes with a two-year warranty. For more information, visit the site at:


Pew Research Center. Online shipping and e-commerce.

Winter Weather Emergency Preparedness

As temperatures drop, the risk of severe winter weather conditions and sudden power outages rise. Preparing your family ahead of time can help minimize the impact of a power loss.

Having an emergency preparation plan lets your family immediately shift into a proactive stance when an unexpected event, like power loss, occurs. Your plan may include assembling an emergency kit and talking with your kids about how to respond in certain situations, as well as assessing your supplies and resources. This includes items like blankets, non-perishable food, flashlights and batteries. Families can also benefit from portable generators, which reduce worries and risks associated with unexpected power outages.

Portable generators provide reliable backup energy during dangerous power outages so you’re ready for whatever winter may bring. However, portable generators can also pose serious health risks when used improperly. Before severe winter weather hits, consider educating yourself about how to safely protect your family.

Generator models that comply with the American National Standards Institute/Portable Generator Manufacturers’ Association G300 Standard, for example, provide enhanced safety through carbon monoxide sensors and shutdown features that help protect your family from dangerous carbon monoxide buildup.

Whether you purchase a new generator or rely on an older model, the Portable Generator Manufacturers’ Association recommends these safety precautions to safely use your portable generator and avoid the dangers misuse and carbon monoxide can present:

  • Always read the operator’s manual first and follow the manufacturer’s recommended precautions and procedures, as well as instruction on safe operation and potential hazards.
  • Know that you cannot smell, see or taste carbon monoxide, so proper use of portable generators is crucial.
  • To avoid dangerous carbon monoxide accumulation, always “Take It Outside.” This means you should never run a portable generator indoors in areas such as garages, basements, crawl spaces, breezeways, sheds or other partially enclosed spaces.
  • Always place a portable generator downwind and point the engine exhaust away from occupied spaces.
  • Avoid placing a portable generator near windows, doors or vents, as carbon monoxide gas can accumulate and potentially be drawn indoors.
  • Install battery-operated carbon monoxide alarms in your home. Replace the batteries and test the alarms regularly to ensure they are in good working condition.
  • Learn to recognize the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning: headache, nausea, dizziness, shortness of breath, weakness and fainting.
  • If you feel sick, dizzy or weak while using a portable generator, get to fresh air immediately and call 911 for emergency medical attention.

Learn more about safely operating a portable generator during severe weather at and (Family Features)

Portable Generator Manufacturers’ Association

A Fresh Approach to the Winter Freeze

Winter means snowfall, cold days and time spent near a fireplace seeking warmth and comfort.

While planning for chilly days and frozen nights, it’s important to prepare for the seasonal weather so you and your family can stay comfortable and warm.

Dodge cold drafts. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, drafts can waste 5-30 percent of energy use in your home. To help avoid energy loss, consider switching out lighter, airier summer curtains for heavier winter drapes. You can also add additional rugs around the house for extra insulation and to help prevent drafts in wood floors.

Freshen up sweaters and blankets. Sweaters and blankets are must-haves during the winter season for staying cozy indoors. To help keep them fresh, use a gentle and effective detergent that’s easy on skin that can become dry during the winter season. For example, all free clear Odor Relief provides a powerful clean and attacks odors while being gentle for sensitive skin. Its hypoallergenic formula that’s 100 percent free of perfumes and dyes keeps sweaters and blankets clean and fresh. For added convenience, try an option like all free clear mighty pacs, which are also gentle on skin, free of irritating residues and can be easily tossed in the washer when you need to do a quick load of laundry before heading out the door into the wintry weather.

Invest in a humidifier. Humidifiers can help keep your home warmer in cold winter months and also help eliminate dry indoor air that can irritate your skin. You can also easily move the humidifier around your home so that no matter which room you are in, you can stay comfortable all winter long.

Layer blankets and covers. While making beds, it’s important to keep the right layering process in mind. Layer the thinnest and densest covers on top of lighter, fluffier blankets, which can help reduce heat that can escape, keeping you and your loved ones warm and snug throughout the winter months. Also be sure to opt for cozy blankets made from materials such as cotton or wool.

For more information on laundry detergent for sensitive winter skin, visit (Family Features)

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Give an Amazing Gift That Keeps on Giving All Year Long from Great Brands Like bblüv, Feltman Brothers, Isabelle Grace Jewelry & The Field

Another year is upon us to find the perfect gift for our sweet kiddos. This year, give an amazing gift you can feel good about. We’ve got thoughtful and creative gift ideas from brands like Feltman Brothers, bblüv, Isabelle Grace Jewelry, and more. Check out these unique gift giving ideas below and feel confident knowing that you’ll love these gifts as much as your kiddos!

Today’s parents need thoughtfully created and well-designed products for their little ones. They deserve quality products that are safe, durable, attractive, and make life easier. bblüv puts a great deal of effort in the design of their products so you can be assured that what enters your home will make life simpler for you and your baby. Their goal is to help you worry less about the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ and focus on what really matters: your little ones.

Whether you’re playing at home or on an outing for the day, don’t forget to bring along bblüv. With bblüv, you’re ready for playtime on the playmat and naptime in the travel & play tent. These items are must-haves for the busy new parent. Made from non-toxic and easy-to-clean material, the Mülti Reversible Playmat is a safe and durable mat to promote learning and motricity from the very first months and for many years to come. The Düo Foot Finders stimulate and can help develop fine motor skills. You can also use them as puppets!  And lastly, the Glüv Baby Teething Mitten relieves a teething baby’s gums while also providing entertainment. It is made from food grade silicone, carefully designed to provide different textures.

Featured from left to right—Mülti Reversible Playmat ($79.99), Düo Foot Finders ($12.99), Glüv Baby Teething Mitten ($13.99).

Creative play is proven to have intellectual, emotional and social benefits for children. The Field is a creative and imaginative learning toy for boys & girls ages 3+ and makes a perfect gift for the holidays. The Field offers a refreshing approach to the toy market by designing a simply yet elegant handcrafted toy where a child’s imagination is the only prop needed to create hours of inspired play for children. Check out the mini sized fields for livestock to graze, machinery to drive around the field, hedging, meadows and a traditional wooden farm gate. Create your own outdoors and let the fun begin!

Choose from The Field or Half Acre Field styles.

Your little girl will go gaga over this wonderful holiday gift! Feltman Brothers’ lifelike limited edition collector’s doll is baby scented and features the softest skin, real eyelashes, and an adorable pixie cut! Comes with a birth certificate and 4 pieces of hand embroidered, classic Feltman Brothers clothing – a dress, bonnet, booties, and bloomers! Retails for $149.00.


The perfect holiday gift is usually hard to come by, unless you’re in-the-know with Isabelle Grace Jewelry. For handcrafted jewelry that’s sustainably made in the USA, you can trust Isabelle Grace to deliver on lasting quality, gorgeous designs and beauty that never goes out of style. Isabelle Grace’s trendy jewelry is a favorite of celebrities like Katherine HeiglLindsay PriceTori Spelling, Courtney Mazza LopezAllison Sweeney and Kimberly Williams-Paisley. Find the ideal gift for your little girl below:

Featured from left to right—Unicorn Kisses Personalized Necklace ($65), Build Your Own Charm Necklace ($58), Girls ID Necklace ($65), Girls Identity Bracelet ($60), Lovely Hearts Bracelet ($45) and Lovely Hearts Necklace ($42).

Sip Less, Enjoy More: Mindful Drinking During the Festive Season

From Halloween to New Year’s Day, the average consumer will attend at least 10-12 parties — and where there’s a party, there is bound to be alcohol. Between meeting new people and reconnecting with old acquaintances, it’s easy to lose count of just how many times you’ve topped off your glass of bubbly. Get ahead of the curve (and potential hangover) by following some expert-approved tips for festive season drinking.

Enter Diana NovakNational Director of Craft Spirits Education at Palm Bay International, whose extensive portfolio includes brands such as Råvo Vodka, Tequila Bribón, Wemyss Malts, Los Amantes Mezcal and Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin. Diana believes in sipping less and enjoying more. Her background as a personal trainer, and now as a spirits educator, has inspired her pursuit of a balanced lifestyle, while her passion for food and drink has led to her career in the spirits industry. You can find a few of Diana’s useful tips on mindful drinking below.

Tip #1 - Stay hydrated by alternating between water and alcohol.

Tip #2 
- Know what you’re drinking and ask for ingredients.

Tip #3 - Substitute tea or kombucha for sugary mixers.

ABOUT DIANA NOVAK - National Director of Craft Spirits Education, Palm Bay International 

As the oldest daughter of an Air Force Colonel, Diana Novak’s love of different flavors, textures and adventure can be credited to her family’s extensive travel history.
Diana’s passion for food and drink led her to pursue a degree from the esteemed Johnson and Wales University. She began formally bartending during college and after graduation, Diana returned to her home in North Carolina to continue her growth in the bar industry. Using flavor and texture skills combined with pure experimentation, Diana developed a fast consumer following by creating unique and thoughtful cocktails.
While working for local and regional chains, Diana was able to design feature and specialty cocktails for various concepts in both North and South Carolina, including serving on the opening management and development team of the Carolina Hospitality Group. After several years in the Carolinas, Diana moved to Indiana. There, she spent 3 years mixing in high-volume cocktail and craft competitions, and participated in the creation of several local cocktail menus.
In 2010 Diana joined Palm Bay International, one of the leading wine and spirits importers in the country, to spearhead education for the spirits portfolio and to serve as a connection between distributors and key accounts in Chicago and the Midwest markets. Diana was promoted as the National Director of Craft Spirits Education in fall 2013 – a role she continues to hold today. In her capacity as National Director, she can be found creating the cocktails for the market and educating each segment of business about spirits categories, competitive sets, and how to use spirits in new and exciting ways.
Diana has been featured in Tasting Panel Magazine for her cocktails featuring Los Amantes Mezcal, Boulard Calvados, and more. Her recipe, “Smoke, Spice, and Everything Nice,” recently won the “Savory Cocktail” competition.

The Art of the Perfect Gift

Even in a world where just about anything is a few clicks away, finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list can still be a difficult task. One trick to winning the festive season is bringing back the basics by choosing presents you know your loved ones need and can actually use.

Consider these crowd-pleasing gift ideas to provide festive season smiles at the moment they’re unwrapped.

The Gift of an Experience

An experience could be perfect for the person in your life looking to spice things up by taking on a new adventure. From a scenic helicopter ride to an exhilarating sky diving package, experiential gifts can be exciting undertakings. One of the best parts: these presents don’t always have to be one-and-done – you can give the gift of a new life skill such as cooking classes or motorcycle riding lessons. Learn more about Harley-Davidson Riding Academy motorcycle classes by visiting your local dealership or

The Gift of Traveling in Style

If you’re interested in giving a present that inspires adventure, a piece of quality luggage may be all your loved one needs. A sturdy backpack is versatile and can be used for a hike on the nearest trail or a backpacking trip through another country. If the next trip is on the open road, an option like the Harley-Davidson Premium Touring Bag can help pack the necessities as you explore the world.

The Gift of Stocking Stuffers

Sometimes, it’s the big gift ideas that are inspired naturally and shoppers find themselves scrambling to find stocking stuffers. This holiday season, don’t overthink it. Stuff those stockings with things people need such as headphones, socks or a warm stocking cap.

The Gift of the Trends

Today’s fashion trends dictate two outerwear items everyone should have in their closets: a denim jacket and a go-to leather jacket. If someone on your festive season  shopping list has yet to jump on the trend, try styles like Harley-Davidson’s Sherpa Fleece Denim Jacket for women or the Men’s #1 Skull Slim Fit Leather Jacket for inspiration.

For more festive season gift inspiration, check out the guide at (Family Features)