Thoughtful, Stress-Free Gift Giving

When in need of inspiration during gift-giving season, focusing on thoughtful presents that align with the personalities and interests of your intended recipients can be a surefire way to delight even the hard-to-buy-for friends and family on your list.

If you need a little extra help this holiday season, though, these ideas curated by the experts at Macy’s can help you hand out on-trend, versatile gifts.

“The holidays are our favorite time of the year,” said Durand Guion, group vice president, Macy’s Fashion Office. “As the gift destination, we believe in the wonder of giving and are excited to help our shoppers find the perfect gifts. Our fashion directors have highlighted the best selection of fashion, beauty and home with trendy pieces that are not only versatile but also inspiring, whether they’re for gifting, dressing or entertaining.”

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For the Home Decorator

Bring the holiday cheer home this season with cozy throws and decorative pillows that are perfect for gathering around the fireplace. A variety of options are available, including a Basket Weave Faux-Fur Pom Pom Throw, a Snuggle by the Fire Pillow, a Holiday Truck Pillow and a Stand Out Scottie Pillow. Featuring touches of faux fur and velvet, these throws and pillows from the Martha Stewart Collection can add warmth to a room on chilly nights.

For the Beauty Lover

For the woman who is beauty-obsessed, give her a gift of relaxation with the Tony Moly sheet mask set. The set includes 19 masks in total, including pulp sheet masks, layering sheet masks, gel face masks and gel eye masks, and is a perfect reason for a girls’ night in. Featuring ingredients such as red wine, which helps tighten and purify skin, and lemon, which helps brighten skin tone and combat hyperpigmentation, among others, there is a mask for nearly every skin need.

For the Modern Host

Essentially every host knows entertainment should be a focal point of the party. Bring family and friends together with the Studio Mercantile Stacking Game, a vintage-inspired twist on a classic made to be played while sharing a round of drinks. The set includes 40 wooden blocks engraved with prompts that can make things more interesting as well as 14 blank blocks so you can create your own entertaining tasks.

For the Luxurious Lounger

This holiday season, you can combine the cozy and glamorous sides of nearly any woman in your life with sparkly slippers from I.N.C. International Concepts. These comfy, round-toe, moccasin-style slippers are faux-fur lined and available in four vibrant colors – Rose Gold Glitter, Black Glitter, Navy Glitter and Silver Glitter – that can put a luxe finish on lounging around during a night in.

For the Go-Anywhere Man

Perfect for the office or a night on the town – and nearly anything in-between – a Tommy Hilfiger watch is a lasting and versatile gift for the special man on your list. Completely focused in black stainless steel with a matching minimalist dial, this sophisticated timepiece is also water-resistant to 30 meters. The black-on-black design is a modern upgrade to classic watches, and can keep your man in style for seasons to come.

For the Classic Entertainer

Savor your favorite spirits with loved ones and add an elevated touch to your entertaining this holiday season with a set of two whiskey glasses from the Hotel Collection. Accompanied by black marble coasters, this modern set of 14.7-ounce glasses can help protect your furniture and surfaces from cup marks, drips, spills and condensation while also impressing guests at any size gathering. (Family Features)


Online Shopping on the Rise this Festive Season: How to Shop Safely 

The busiest online shopping season is here – in 2018, experts expect more fraud and more online shoppers than ever.  NordVPN provides tips for safe shopping.

The biggest shopping season of the year is here. Last year, online fraud increased by 22 percent during holiday shopping season, from Thanksgiving to December 31st– while online retail sales increased by 14.7 percent, reaching $108 billion.

As usual, online stores are huge sites of targeted attacks by hackers who try to steal users’ financial details. An innocent user can be tricked into believing that they were entering credit card details on a secure online store while in reality they were providing their details to a hacker. Any shopping website can be a spoofed fraudulent site set up by hackers to steal users’ data – or even if it’s not, it may not be using a secure encryption protocol to ensure customers’ details are safe. 

Besides online stores, hackers are also targeting gift cards, loyalty points and other consumer data. Experts say that 2018 shopping season will also witness account takeover more often than ever before. Cybercriminals are already engaged intrading strategies and tactics online and keeping themselves at the cutting edge of new payments, ID and commerce technologies.


In order to stay safe when shopping online, there are some basic steps to follow. NordVPN, a VPN service provider, advises following these rules: 

1. Strong log-in information

If you want to avoid account takeover, the main rule is to stop using the simple or the same passwords and emails for different accounts. Weak or the same passwords make it simple for hackers to break into any account. Make sure you use a password manager that saves all the passwords and keeps them in one safe place.

2. Pay with credit card

Most credit cards will protect their customers in a dispute with a seller, and customers are usually protected from unauthorized charges or payments for items they never received. Make sure you know your credit card’s policy before you use it for online shopping.

3. https

The first thing you should always see while making an online payment is whether the payment gateway has an https URL. The ‘s’ in the URL means that it is a secure protocol and your data is encrypted properly.

4. Stay away from public terminals

It’s dangerous to share your personal information with any website over the internet while using a public internet connection. Public Wi-Fi networks are common hunting grounds for cybercriminals who try to access your personal information. 

5. Be wary

Being vigilant can help you a lot in the task of shopping online securely. Whenever a website requests more information than is usually required, like your Social Service number or any other kind of personal information, it usually means it’s fraudulent. 

6. Use a VPN

VPNs encrypt all the data you share across the internet on any website. They are the best security mechanism you can employ to make sure the data you share over the internet is safe from prying eyes and remains confidential.  NordVPN offers great connection speeds, uses strong encryption protocols and has good global coverage.

7. Report fraud

If you have been scammed – and it will happen to thousands of people this year, unfortunately – do not be ashamed to admit it and file a scam report. There are official websites (such as Better Business Bureau in the U.S.) that allow to report and track scams in real time. Reporting a scam might save many other potential victims.

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Cars to Consider for 2019

Purchasing a new vehicle, while exciting, can be a burden for many shoppers. A variety of options and considerations for each make and model can turn the decision-making process into a stressful situation.

To help make that part of the car-buying process a little less difficult, consider these podium finalists for Motor Trend’s Car of the Year, Truck of the Year and SUV of the Year. Each finalist is evaluated using six criteria: safety, efficiency, value, advancement in design, engineering excellence and performance of intended function.

These podium finalists offer a multitude of benefits, each with its own strengths, for car buyers shopping in the new year. Learn more about 2019 cars to consider at

Sporty and Stylish – For a fun yet serious sedan, the Genesis G70 features punchy powertrains that support an agile, sporty chassis wrapped in classy exterior styling with strong graphics and a well-appointed interior. As the first sports sedan from Hyundai’s luxury line, this sleek model packs power.

Excellent Efficiency – Cruise the roads with 50 miles-per-gallon efficiency in the Honda Insight, a smartly packaged hybrid featuring thoughtful style and storage solutions, plus seamless and silent adaptive cruise control performance. With lane-keeping assist that rates among the industry’s best, its smooth ride competes with luxury vehicles while combining efficiency and style.

A Craving for Variety – If deciding between vehicle models is causing fits, consider these options from Volvo. For a fresh, modern interior with comfortable seating, the S60 sedan and V60 wagon deliver all-round performance with base 2.0-liter turbos, meaning you don’t have to pay extra for power. Or, for stylish appeal with a familiar turbo-four engine and eight-speed automatic transmission, the XC40 compact crossover provides quick acceleration and spirited steering response.

Electric Excitement – Power and torque don’t go by the wayside with Jaguar’s I-Pace, the maker’s first electric car and first all-electric SUV which boasts about 200 miles of real-world battery range. Add the adjustable ride-height for added off-road capability and one of the most original automotive designs in years, and this set of wheels can have you riding in unique style.

Rethinking an Iconic Ride – Configured to equally suit the ambitions of the off-roading newbie and expert alike, 2019’s thoughtful, thorough rework of the Jeep Wrangler features significant tech updates for the American original.

Time for a Truck – Featuring a new design, cylinder deactivation and an automatic trailer light test, the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado offers more versions, more space and more options. Rear bumper corner steps and three cargo hooks at each bed corner deliver functionality, while a smooth High Country 10-speed automatic transmission makes for a smoother ride for truck buyers.

Go Ahead and Haul – If you’re in the market for a workhorse truck combined with plush luxury and tech-forward thinking, the GMC Sierra fits as a versatile cargo-hauler. This truck differentiates itself with the MultiPro tailgate, adaptive ride control and a carbon-fiber bed. The powerful drive of a 6.2-liter engine combined with a 10-speed transmission and overall body control while towing makes this truck a key asset for long-distance hauls.

Work or Play – The best-in-class styling of the Ram 1500 – sophisticated and well-executed without going over the top – packs an interior outfitted with the tools needed for activities ranging from fun to function. A 48-volt mild hybrid system saves fuel while coil-spring dampers and an optional air suspension provide a luxury car-like ride. (Family Features)

Motor Trend

Eco-Friendly Furniture

Written by Alex Leaf, Contributing Writer for InFluential Magazine

Unfortunately, furniture doesn’t always last a lifetime. The life expectancy of a sofa and mattress is roughly 7-15 years, depending on the type, style, and use, among many other variables. If the life of your furniture is coming to its end, you may want to consider getting eco-friendly furniture as your next set.

Although, you might be wondering, what qualifies furniture as eco-friendly?

How to identify eco-friendly furniture

Eco-friendly furniture is furniture built in a way that has a minimal amount of impact on the environment — from the materials used to the manufacturing process. The elements of green furniture include natural and recycled materials, while avoiding harsh chemicals such as fire retardants and stains.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is the standard for sustainably harvested forests and tree farms. Responsible forest management includes protecting fragile ecosystems, respecting native culture and economies, preventing illegal logging, as well as restricting clear-cutting and pesticide use. The reason the FSC is in place is because wood products are an excellent source of materials because of its renewability.

Just because the wood used in furniture is FSC-certified doesn’t necessarily mean that the product is completely green. Make sure to also check the amount of harsh chemicals used in the product — this is often overlooked.  As wood stains dry, some of the toxins are released through evaporation, which contributes to health and pollution issues. There are, however, non-toxic stains you can find at most hardware and home improvement stores.

Now that you have a better understanding for the elements of eco-friendly furniture, let’s take a look at how to dispose of our old furniture.

Where to dispose of old furniture

Before you run off buying your new green furniture, I imagine you will need to make room for it first. Consider the state of your current furniture. You might not have to throw it out if the condition is still good. There are many alternatives to landfills.

Donating your old furniture is a win-win situation. Someone in need will give your trusty nightstand the home it needs. You also might not even have to worry about lugging your furniture to the donation site. Often times a volunteer or an employee of a used goods foundation will come and move the furniture out for you. Goodwill and Salvation Army, to name a few, are foundations that accept salvageable furniture. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

If you don’t think your old furniture is in a good enough condition to salvage and donate, you can also bring it to your nearest big recycling center.

Recycled Furniture by sturti iStock

Recycled Furniture by sturti iStock

Replacing furniture

One of the most sustainable alternatives to replacing your old furniture is with, wait for it, yes, old furniture. Check out your local vintage/thrift/second hand store to see if they have something that meets your style. Vintage furniture doesn’t require any extra materials to build a piece, which is why it is the best alternative for sustainable furniture.

However, finding the right piece at a thrift store can be challenging. You also still want to be eco-friendly. So here a few retailers that supply green furniture.

  1. Etsy reclaimed furniture is the home to millions of vendors. Vendors are typically individuals or small businesses that craft unique pieces of furniture from reclaimed materials.
  2. Bambeco is a company based on the core values of forest preservation, restoration, and fair wages and a safe workplace. As a part of their commitment to a greener environment, they have planted over 20,000 trees since their conception.
  3. Eco Balanza is committed to using FSC-certified materials. While eco-friendly materials is a key feature, the design is eye catching and their comfort is lasting.
  4. Sierra Living Concepts is a furniture company from California that uses sustainable materials such as mango wood and hemp in their fabrics.
  5. Saatva strives for greener and cleaner products. Their mattresses are made from organic cotton, recycled steel, and are chemical-free. Saatva will also pick up your old mattress from your house and recycle it for you.

If you still feel as if none of these options are for you, do not fret, there are plenty of other retailers that can meet your needs while still being eco-friendly. Your home should reflect your personality, so make sure it does. But, preferably in a green way. Each piece of eco-friendly furniture you get is another step closer to a greener and cleaner world.

Knitted blanket on wooden sofa by KatarzynaBialasiewicz iStock

Knitted blanket on wooden sofa by KatarzynaBialasiewicz iStock

Folio: 100 Honorees To Be Feted at Celebration Luncheon on December 6 in New York City

Folio:, the publishing industry’s go-to source for news, business intelligence and peer-to-peer networking, is pleased to unveil its 2018 Folio: 100 Honorees. Each year, an elite group of media professionals are selected to represent the best and brightest minds in magazine and digital media today.

The 2018 class of honorees includes: Hearst Magazine’s Troy Young, National Geographic’s Susan Goldberg, Trusted Media Brand’s Kari Hodes, Adweek’s Jeffrey Litvack, Meredith’s Tom Harty, New York Times Magazine’s Gail Bilcher, and more.

View the 2018 Folio: 100 Honorees

“The Folio: 100 is a veritable who’s who in magazine media,” says Folio: Content Director, Caysey Welton. “These are the folks who are changing the face of our industry, across every sector and every discipline. Their leadership, creativity, vision and entrepreneurial spirit is truly inspiring.”

For more information, visit

Honorees will be recognized at a Celebration Luncheon on Thursday, December 6, 2018 at the Yale Club in New York City from 12:00 – 2:30pm. To register for the luncheon, click here.

For questions about attending the Folio: 100 Celebration Luncheon, contact Folio: Marketing Manager Jessica Dombrowski at jdombrowski(at)accessintel(dot)com. To become an event sponsor, or secure a congratulatory ad in the program guide, contact Folio: Senior Account Executive Tania Babiuk at tbabiuk(at)accessintel(dot)com.

William Jackson, Founder & Chief Business Officer of InFluential Magazine, Spanish InFluential, and Teen InFluential.

William Jackson, Founder & Chief Business Officer of InFluential Magazine, Spanish InFluential, and Teen InFluential.

Congratulations to our very our Founder & Chief Business Officer, William Jackson, for being recognized as a 2018 Folio:  100 Honoree!

About Folio: 

Folio: is the information resource publishing executives turn to for news analysis, commentary, and thought leadership in driving business strategy, value creation and revenue growth. Folio: delivers this insight across several newsletters, social media communities, special reports and live events. For more information, visit

Jewish and Single? It’s all About the MATZOBALL Powered by JSwipe!

MATZOBALL is the Jewish holiday party of the year

For those who are Jewish and single, there’s only one place they will want to be this December 24, 2018 – at the MATZOBALL powered by JSwipe. The event, which will be held in cities around the country, is in its 32nd year, and will be the bash that those looking to have fun and meet other singles will want to attend. It’s a party each year that thousands of people attend, with many of them finding themselves getting lucky in love. The event is sponsored by JSwipe, the #1 Jewish dating app around the world. From hooking up and having fun to finding their soul mate, MATZOBALL has been the catalyst that has helped many Jewish singles find each other.

“This is one of the most important events each year in the Jewish community if you are single,” explains Andrew Rudnick, from Mazel Events, LLC and founder of the MATZOBALL. “People know that they will not only have a great time, but there is a good chance it will be the place where a new relationship gets started. This event is literally the birthplace of many happy families, and we’re proud of that.”

Since the first MATZOBALL was held in 1987, there have been over 400,000 people attending the mega party. It’s a party that got its start when Rudnick convinced a bar owner to keep the place open for him and some friends one Christmas Eve. After meeting his future wife at that party and seeing the fun that everyone had, it became a tradition. The tradition stuck around, grew beyond what anyone would have thought possible, and has become a tradition in the Jewish singles community. However, it’s not all just Jewish who attend: MATZOBALL parties are the annual Christmas Eve party of the year! The majority of attendees are Jewish, though more and more, the flood gates have opened with singles of all backgrounds showing up.

This year, the MATZOBALL will be held in select cities on December 24, 2018, from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. Attendees must be 21 to attend. The cities that will host a MATZOBALL party this year include:

  • Boston – To be held at the Royale Nightclub. Ticket prices start at $40.
  • Delray Beach – To be held at II Bacio. Ticket prices start at $30.
  • Fort Lauderdale – To be held at Blue Martini. General ticket prices start at $30.
  • Los Angeles – To be held at The Argyle Hollywood. Ticket prices start at $30.
  • Miami – To be held at LIV Nightclub. Ticket prices start at $50.
  • New York City – To be held at Capitale. Ticket prices start at $50.
  • Philadelphia – To be held at Vesper Sporting Club. Ticket prices start at $30.
  • Washington D.C. – To be held at Decades. Ticket prices start at $30.

“If you are at least 21, Jewish, and single, you will not want to miss attending a MATZOBALL party,” added Rudnick. “It’s the kind of event you will be talking about for years to come. You may even be telling your kids about how it’s where you and your spouse first met. It’s that significant. Get your tickets early, because they will sell out, and you don’t want to be left out.”

JSwipe, who is the title sponsor of the event, has over 1 million users. Their app, which is available for download on iOS and Android devices, makes it easy to swipe left or right on Jewish singles nearby. Those swiping will receive a match when both parties swipe right. Their site reports that they are responsible for thousands of love stories, engagements, and babies. JSwipe’s mission is to bring Jewish singles together and create meaningful relationships.

In addition to general admission tickets, many venues offer upgrades, including a fast pass to move you to the front of the admission line. Some parties are also offering group table packages, which include multiple tickets for admission, alcohol, VIP lines, and more. For complete city information, ticket options and pricing, to purchase tickets, or to join the VIP list, visit the website at:


MATZOBALL is a yearly huge party for Jewish singles that is held every December 24th. Since the first official event of its kind in 1987, the event has been held in select cities around the nation. There have been over 400,000 people attending and it has generated over $15 million in revenue. MATZOBALL was founded by Andrew Rudnick, owner of Mazel Events, LLC. The yearly party is powered by JSwipe, the #1 Jewish dating app in the world, with users in 70 countries. To learn more about MATZOBALL, visit the site:

Create Your Dream Life Now With Transformative New Guide

If you could manifest your dreams by committing just 20 creative minutes a day, wouldn’t you? 

“We all have an inner-light that is meant to shine brightly in the world, and … the fun exercises and tools in this book are designed to help you connect to that aspect of your being and create a life you love living,” said author Darren Marc in the introduction to Create Your Dream Life Now: A Workbook & Guide for Manifesting Your Destiny. Marc, with acclaimed illustrator Joan Coleman, has filled the pages of this beautiful and whimsical four-color book with guided meditations, spiritual reflections and interactive prompts to help readers identify and realize their goals and dreams. 

A whole gamut of spiritual practices are rolled into this cheerful gem of a book, including Gratitude Exercises, Affirmative Prayers, Creative Realizations, Mindfulness Meditations, Prayers and even Synchronicity exercises. It’s almost a visual poem with detailed yet reader-friendly guidance in the form of a workbook. Playful and poignant, spiritual seekers, creative groups and book clubs will love this book. 

Darren Marc

Darren Marc

Author Darren Marc (New York) has been teaching yoga, meditation and manifestation for over 10 years. A certified yoga instructor, he currently offers group yoga classes at the New York Health & Racquet Club and also leads spiritual retreats incorporating yoga, meditation, manifestation teachings and sacred music. Darren is an ambassador for Yoga Gives Back, a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness and funds to alleviate poverty in India. A veteran freelance writer, Darren is a former contributing columnist for LA Yoga magazine, and he was a staff writer at For Your Health magazine. A professional singer/songwriter, he has had over 30 original song placements in film and television. Visit his website at:

Artist Joan Coleman (Bandon, Oregon) is co-owner of Ink Wonderland, LLC, a graphic design firm with clients that have included Disney, Target, Harley-Davidson and Universal Studios. She has illustrated several children’s books, including Kudzu for Christmas by Emily Eklin Khair and Marty and the Christmas Eve Surprise by Sharon Durgin.

CREATE YOUR DREAM LIFE NOW A Workbook & Guide for Manifesting Your Destiny 
Publisher: HCI Books 
Release Date: October 2018 
ISBN: 9780757321016
Available wherever books are sold 
To order directly from the publisher, call (800) 441-5569

Common Indoor Air Quality Culprits

A new survey has revealed many Americans miss the mark when it comes to cleaning their homes, which may negatively affect the quality of air they breathe indoors.  Understanding the causes of poor indoor air can help you combat many common culprits. Consider these survey results and find more information at (FamilyFeatures)


The Future’s So Bright, Students Gotta Wear Shades …. Navy Scientists Engage Nation’s Classrooms

Written by Patric Petrie

Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class, Patrick Enright speaks with scientist Dr. Brittany Lynn, SSC Pacific, during the inaugural Navy virtual field trip live stream STEM outreach event to middle schools across America from Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific. (Photo by Alan Antczak Released)

Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific

Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific (SSC Pacific) reached into classrooms across America through a first-ever livestream outreach event in an effort to stimulate interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields and to help build a robust future pool of American scientists and researchers.

In association with the Navy’s Chief of Information (CHINFO) Community Outreach Office (Pentagon), the Defense Media Activity (DMA) at Fort Meade Maryland, and the Defense Visual Distribution Service (DVIDS), the “virtual field trip” offered middle school students from more than 73 school districts across 18 states the opportunity Oct. 16 to tune in live to watch SSC Pacific scientists, Dr. Burton Neuner III and Dr. Brittany Lynn of the Advanced Photonic Technologies Branch discuss photonics through an interactive presentation of “Ocean Light and Communication and Invisible Light.”

SSC Pacific videographer and event coordinator Aaron Lebsack explained the project’s significance this way.

“Our conventional approach of sending our scientists and engineers to the classroom has always inspired STEM learning; however, by reversing that process and inviting the student inside our laboratories in the form of a ‘virtual field trip’ allows our team to inspire the next generation of STEM professionals on a much larger scale,” he said. “Here at SSC Pacific we develop enabling technologies that we hope are force multipliers to give our service members a distinct advantage over our adversary’s and keep them safe and it seems that the same theory would apply to the way we do STEM outreach by combining our efforts with Big Navy, DMA, DVIDS etc., we can effectively inspire more young minds to pursue exciting fields of study. I think my colleagues will always be in classrooms locally mentoring students; but, now we can offer an alternative to classrooms we don’t have easy access to which makes this such an exciting thing to be part of.”

Locally, San Diego Unified School District K-8 school Bethune hosted the live-stream for the 40-plus enthusiastic students in teacher Kelly Marcarelli’s 8th grade science class. In addition to participating in the live-stream, SSC Pacific’s Dr. Sarah Lauff offered first hand additional classroom activities and answered students’ questions in real-time.

School principal Valerie Jurado was thrilled by both the professionalism of the scientists and the engagement from students.
“This was such a great opportunity for students to see real-world applications of science in everyday life,” she said. “I am so proud of our kids. This is a fantastic opportunity for them to engage, and who knows what the impact will be on them in the future? One of our kids went to Space Camp just a short while ago, and now she wants to be an astronaut. This is an incredible opportunity for our kids to learn from real scientists.”

The presentation can be seen via the webcast link at

Expand Your Kitchen

Photography courtesy of Johnson Hardware.

How space-saving sliding door hardware can help

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s a place where family and friends gather. It’s also a space where you may seem to need more space, whether you’re making breakfast for the kids or hosting a big dinner party.

Using innovative wall-mount door hardware, you can unlock your kitchen’s potential by freeing up the “real estate” traditional swinging doors take up. Due to their unique space-saving possibilities, versatility and aesthetics, wall-mount sliding doors can make your kitchen more open and inviting.

A standard hinged door consumes 10-14 square feet of floor space to swing open and shut, putting kitchen space at a premium. Single or converging wall-mount sliding doors allow you to utilize this floor space for kitchen furnishings, storage, extra mingling room for guests and more. They also give kitchens a more spacious look and can enhance your home’s design flow, making it more welcoming and facilitating movement between rooms, which is essential for gatherings and larger families with children.

To maximize your kitchen’s footprint and optimize functionality, an option like wall-mount door hardware from Johnson Hardware can provide a new world of architectural possibilities for your kitchen, regardless of size or layout. Ideal for wider kitchen entryways, converging wall-mount door hardware allows doors to glide smoothly as they open whenever you want a free flow for entertaining or close for privacy during meal preparation.

Converging doors can add sophistication or create a cozy feel, depending on the hardware configuration and door style you choose. Available with or without fascia in either clear satin or bronze anodized aluminum, the U.S.-made hardware and track exceed ANSI safety standards and can successfully complete 100,000 opening and closing cycles. You can also add your own valance to match the door material and trim.

Wall-mounted sliding doors also work well for kitchen pantries and large recessed shelving areas where you want to conceal clutter and ensure clean, streamlined spaces. With Johnson’s array of hardware configurations, you can create personalized looks that integrate the door designs and materials you desire with options for doors up to 125 pounds, which are equipped with wall-mounted jump-proof aluminum box tracks and adjustable door hangers for easy installation, as well as options up to 400 pounds, featuring wall-mounted, heavy-gauge I-beam tracks and smooth-rolling, ball-bearing four-wheel hangers.

Installing wall-mount sliding door hardware in your kitchen – and beyond – can be an easy yet high-impact improvement that reduces space constraints while adding warmth, functionality and appeal to your home. For more information, visit (Family Features)

Johnson Hardware