Need a Detox? We’ll Pay You $1,000 to Escape to Joshua Tree for a Two-Night Digital Detox Challenge

When was the last time you unplugged? If you’re like most of us, you probably can’t even remember. That’s why the team at is paying one self-professed tech addict to stay at a sweet Airbnb in Joshua Tree for a two-night digital detox. All we ask is that this person swears off technology for two whole nights then use the satellite internet connection provided at the Airbnb to share their experience on the third night of their stay. We might add that the two-night detox could be particularly challenging given the extremely Insta-worthy views at the location.

You can find the application form and all the information needed to share this with your readers in the official job post on our website.

*Actual images of the Airbnb where the challenge recipient will stay included in the listing here.*

Who: is an online resource where users can compare satellite internet providers in their area.


Why: Studies show that the average American spends more than 11 hours per day connected to some kind of media. That doesn’t leave much time for actually living! That’s why we’re offering a paid challenge to one tech junkie who’s willing get out of town and off their tech devices for two whole nights. 

What: We’re hiring someone to give up their devices and social media for 2 nights, and then share their experience via a satellite internet connection. We’ll send this person to an awesome, remote Airbnb in Joshua Tree and provide up to $1,000 in transport and food so they can comfortably enjoy their weekend off the grid.

When: Applications are open now through August 26th, 2019.