Inspiring Home Interiors

Colorful interior of  home office.

Colorful interior of home office.

Sometimes you go into someone else’s home and the interiors simply seem to come together beautifully and seamlessly. Of course, that’s not likely to be the case, as a lot of thought will have been given to every aspect of the décor and the furnishings. Still, these experiences can be inspiring when it comes to creating your own home interiors, so here are five things to remember when you want to be inspired at home.

Colour Me Creative 

Certain shades can aid creativity, simply by allowing us to feel calm and at rest so we are better prepared for deep thinking and original ideas. Among these, pale blues and greens, and colours such as aquamarine are among the most popular. You can use these soothing tones on accessories and features you love or on an accent wall in your favourite creative space, if you prefer. If you feel your creative juices need to be jump-started, opt for more energetic hues, such as yellows, oranges and reds, instead.

Let in the Light

Basking in glorious sunlight is enough to inspire even the hardest of hearts, and it’s well known that sensible exposure to natural light is good for your health as well as your sense of wellbeing. Plantation window shutters are ideal home features as they allow you to control the amount of daylight in each room, according to the time of day and the season. They also provide privacy and protection against noise and are a useful security measure.

Work is Work

You probably know all about not using your bedroom as a workstation, however, this is so important that it bears repeating. If you have a designated work area, separate from where you like to relax or sleep, you are more likely to feel energised and ready for fresh enterprises and new ways of working.  Whether you work from home some or part of the time, you need to keep your leisure time and your workload apart, and that includes the spaces where you need to focus and those where you need to unwind. 

Close up of a bedroom with pattern bedding, floor lamp and modern picture on a black wall

Close up of a bedroom with pattern bedding, floor lamp and modern picture on a black wall

Inspirational Artworks 

When you are moved to buy something that really makes you feel good, such as a picture or sculpture, keep it at the centre of the place where you want to be most inspired. The same applies when a friend has given you a gift that you know brings you motivation. It doesn’t matter whether this is in your home office or on a wall above your dining room table – wherever you do your most creative thinking is the right place.

Exercise for an Inspirational Life 

Finally, healthy body, healthy mind is not an empty saying but an important ingredient in being and staying inspired. You may not want to add gym equipment to your home, especially if you’re short of space. Instead, make sure you keep your bicycle clips or your outdoor shoes at the ready, and a framed map on the wall of the best routes in your local area, the better to inspire you regularly to look after your physical health as well as your inspirational wellbeing.