Offers Valentine’s Day Natural Soaps

Cupidly-colorful Valentine-vivid nutrient-rich goat milk soaps for $5 per bar

Saint Valentine’s Day is a time to express feelings to loved ones and friends, says Farm Maid Soap founder Kathy Johnson, who selected what she calls “’s Cupidly-colorful vibrantly-vivid-Valentine array of lustrously lathering goat milk soaps to pamper, nourish and protect skin at family friendly prices.”

She added, “A Valentine’s gift of natural goat milk soaps, rather than the predictable flowers or candy, reflects thoughtfully creative consideration and concern for the wellbeing of a loved one or friend while offering a luxurious spa-like bathing experience with natural lathering soap that cleans and protects skin without any of the chemicals that are found in most store-bought soaps.”

For $5 each, Kathy’s suggests any or all of eight bars of goat milk soap for Cupid’s special day, chosen from scores of photos and descriptions she posts for easy browsing on the her website:

  1. Bella Berry Twilight, a bar of pink with purple swirls inspired by a picturesque lakeside Oregon inn;
  2. Jasmine, the Jasmine flower fragranced pink and white bar is a bestseller;
  3. Jasmine Rose and Sandalwood, combines the Jasmine scent with rose and sandalwood oils;
  4. Black Raspberry Vanilla is a favorite choice with black and red swirls reflecting a blend of blackberries and raspberries, with touches of light florals and greens combined with a vanilla scent;
  5. Mango Papaya is a popular tropical blend of mango and papaya with yellowish, orange and red swirls;
  6. Peppermint Candy Cane has two peppermint essential oils to create a full, invigorating scent;
  7. Skin So Clear natural acne soap with light purple, green and yellow swirls, and
  8. Plumeria scented by the famed Hawaiian tree of the same name is a top seller for men and woman.

In her more than 80 goat milk soaps available at, for just $5 for each long-lasting natural goat milk soap bar of pink, red and other tones, an array of wonderful soaps can be selected and shipped in time for Valentine’s Day.  With orders of $30 of natural soaps or other products, shipping is free.

Kathy notes that the lustrous bars each contain the natural glycerin other soap companies skim off to sell in high-end lotions, as well as vitamin A, selenium and alpha hydroxyl acids that nourish skin.

A national personality in the goat milk soap world, Kathy has appeared in media discussing the growing trend to natural chemical-free soap as well as to demonstrate the art and science of soap making as she did on Good Morning Texas and offer her skincare tips, such as on Portland Today, in addition to radio and news interviews.  She notes that The New York Times called soap-making a growing trend in America as people turn to natural soap alternatives to avoid chemical-laden commercial soap brands.

The entrepreneurial Mom of 7 is helped in business by husband Jay and her kids in age-appropriate ways on their Corbett, Oregon farm, which you can effectively visit online at, which offers America’s widest array of 72 goat milk soaps at affordable prices for all skin types and preferences. Other of her products include Acne Skin-So-Clear goat milk soap, toner, treatment and lotion, Arnica Muscle Rub, goat’s milk lotion, soy candles and more, all online at and Facebook. Media Contact