Featuring Ken Collis, CEO of TLK Fusion in Our May / June InNetwork Spotlight

Ken Collis, CEO of TLK Fusion, Los Angeles, California

Ken Collis, CEO of TLK Fusion, Los Angeles, California

Who He Is:  Ken is the definition of what most would want their boss to be.  He is kind, energetic, and driven to not only produce results for his clients, but also his employees.  A rare trait among corporate America where stories of cost cutting abound for the benefit of already swollen coffers.

Appeal Of The Finance Industry:  From years of marketing experience at Clear Channel to his monumental success with the development of Authorize.net, Collis has always had an affinity for building successful platforms for businesses.  A seeker of knowledge, he maintains his edge through daily self-improvement through reading educational books pertaining to marketing and business.

Power Of Mentorship:  Mentorship could be considered the keystone to Collis’ business management approach.  He invests time each week to spend time with, and educate his employees to mold them into more successful individuals.  He desires for the improvement of all of his employees and it shows with the careful attention he provides to them.

Important To Be Adaptable:  Collis has realized first hand, the necessity of being adaptable.  In a world traditionally governed by physical marketing and telemarketing, the digital revolution certainly weeded out those who were incapable of adapting.  His desire to be on top of things has enabled his company to not only survive, but thrive in the modern world.

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