A Modern Step Debuts Exclusive Upscale Flooring Boutique In Austin’s Hyde Park

By-Appointment-Only Flooring Retailer Targets Discerning, Ecologically Conscious Buyers

Aaron Lindsey and Kacey Samiee.

A Modern Step announced on Tuesday, the grand opening of Austin’s first upscale, by-appointment-only flooring boutique and gallery-style showroom at 505 West 38th Street in the Capitol City’s historic Hyde Park neighborhood.

“All of our flooring choices are ecologically responsible and sustainable,” said Kacey Samiee, co-founder of A Modern Step. “Flooring is more than something to walk on; it is integral to the look and feel of the entire home or work space. We want our customers to fall in love with the concept that flooring can be a primary design element in their homes, as well as a tangible source of pride and joy.”

“Visits to our showroom are by appointment only,” said co-founder Aaron Lindsey. “That enables us to give each customer our complete attention, allowing ample time to explore their preferences and tastes, and guide them toward the particular flooring choices that will ignite their passions, enhance their environment and align with their moral aesthetic.”

Samiee and Lindsey conceived A Modern Step as a showroom experience unlike anything else in Central Texas. They regard flooring design as an art unto itself and pay meticulous attention to every aspect of the shopping adventure. A Modern Step carries only ecologically sensitive, first quality products that are forward-thinking in design. The one-of-a-kind, high-end boutique caters to both residential and commercial customers.

A Modern Step’s carefully curated, sophisticated collections of national and international flooring lines can be seen by appointment only in its 1,570 square-foot gallery-style showroom. Customers browse through a range of quintessential Scandinavian hardwoods, known for their beauty and exceptional stability, including offerings by Junckers, Karelia, Kahrs and WOODlife. Canadian and American lines include Appalachian Flooring, Kentwood/Metropolitan, Eco-Timber and Valencia Hardwoods. Samiee and Lindsey are especially proud to present the largest selection of reclaimed wood flooring from barns, vineyards and boats in the Austin area, including Vintage Timber and Reclaimed Design Works. Even their carpeting and rug options, featuring rare patterns and textures from America, South African and the United Kingdom, have minimal environmental impacts and reduce homeowners’ exposure to toxic chemicals. Hardwood choices range from $6 to $50 per square foot.

Both long-time Austinites, Samiee’s and Lindsey’s creative, artistic backgrounds led them to create the type of innovative retail experience A Modern Step presents. Samiee is trained in high-end architectural lighting design, has deep roots in acting and film, and teaches musical improv at a local theatre. Lindsey hails from the design side of technology, specifically human interaction design and user experience. He holds a patent defining a video-based interface that lets users chat with each other in social media.

Samiee and Lindsey created a showroom for A Modern Step that feels like a gallery, with a floor shopping experience somewhat akin to selecting a work of art. The customer service experience is high-touch and catering in a space that is little-known and tucked away, underscoring the progressive, uniquely Austin nature of the enterprise. The goal is to instill in clients the sense they are acquiring something special – a functional design element that properly conveys the aesthetic they want in their home or work space.

About A Modern Step

A Modern Step is an Austin-based upscale flooring boutique offering exclusive collections of carefully curated, sophisticated and sustainable flooring options for the discerning, ecologically conscious buyer. The store aims to elevate and refine the experience of customers shopping for superior quality flooring, offering options ranging from quintessential Scandinavian hardwoods to the largest selection of reclaimed woods in Central Texas. A Modern Step’s gallery-style showroom is located at 505 West 38th Street, Unit B. To reserve an appointment, call (512) 514-0738. For more information, visit http://www.AModernStep.com.