Sour Punch® Unviels New Look with Updated Packaging

American Licorice® Company Debuts Brand Refresh for Sour Punch® Candy

American Licorice® Company, makers of one of America’s first sour candies, announces a brand refresh, unveiling a new packaging design for the popular Sour Punch® product line. Introducing a brighter, more modern look, the refresh arrives on the heels of the recently announced brand purpose, “Embrace Your Punch.” This is a message about self-love and appreciating the differences in others with the goal of encouraging mutual respect and spreading kindness to make a difference in people’s lives. The brand refresh, which includes the message: “Love what makes you unique, appreciate what makes others different” on each package encompasses the shared goal of American Licorice® Company to invest in the happiness of employees and consumers alike.

Working alongside the branding and design experts at Kaleidoscope, the new packaging was an inclusive process that enlisted a panel of Sour Punch consumers to weigh in on the creative elements. “Kaleidoscope is thrilled to have partnered with American Licorice to refresh the Sour Punch package design,” said Scott Lucas, executive director, client services at Kaleidoscope. “The goal was to ensure the solution remained true to its valuable equities but also delivered a new and ‘PUN-CHI’ design system that stood out on shelves and enticed consumers of all ages.”

The new packaging will be available in stores and online beginning February 2019, phasing out current packaging later in 2019.

In recent years the sour candy market has continued to gain momentum as a sought-after treat.  As an industry leader and one of the first companies to enter the space nearly 30 years ago, Sour Punch was seeking a creative outlet to expand on the brand’s purpose while also remaining close to its roots as a founding supplier of sour candy.

“The Sour Punch brand has undergone an exciting packaging refresh which will be on shelves soon,” said Kristi Shafer, vice president of marketing at American Licorice® Company. “As part of the process we consulted sour candy fans to find out where the brand should go.  We confirmed the strength of some of our brand assets such as our PUN-CHI™ character, lightening boltz and green accents, so those remain as part of the new design.  Equally important was “testing” the brand purpose messaging on the package.  This was a game changer as we realized people want and need brands that inspire and that is what we are trying to do at ALC.  We are so excited to roll this out in the coming months!”

About American Licorice® Company

The American Licorice® Company, privately owned and operated since 1914, is one of the original licorice manufacturers in the United States and one of the oldest candy companies in the industry. The brand aims to bring happiness to consumers with its classic Red Vines® candy, one of the top-selling licorice twists in the western United States. In 1990, American Licorice® Company expanded into the sour candy market with the launch of Sour Punch® Straws. These iconic straws with their signature mouthwatering crystals satisfy anyone’s sour craving. In addition, the brand continues to make nostalgic favorites such as Super Ropes® and SNAPS® candies.

American Licorice® Company is headquartered in La Porte, Indiana with a second manufacturing facility in Union City, California.

About the Sour Punch® Brand

As one of the first brands to enter the U.S. sour candy market in 1990, Sour Punch® candy began with sour, fruit-flavored straws. Today, whether fans love straws, bites, or twists, consumers can count on Sour Punch® candy to deliver sweet-yet-sour bliss in every bite. American Licorice® Company, makers of Sour Punch®, continues to hold steadfast to their dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility, looking for ways to broaden its mission and make a lasting impact. Reaching beyond substantial efforts to lessen their carbon footprint and robust programs to support the local community, the brand has embarked on a mission to spread the message of “Embrace Your Punch” This powerful brand message is about promoting self-love and embracing what it means to be different. With the goal of appreciating and celebrating those differences, Sour Punch® aims to lead the focus on choosing kindness and highlight what a profound difference that can make.