“Thank you so much for the wonderful article in the January / February issue for Evans Dermatology. I’ve been reading through some of the other content and it’s fantastic! Very inspiring for the New Year.”
Brianna McKinney // Austin, Texas – January 2015 / Founder, CEO | Bloom Communications

“Thank you for following me on Instagram and for accepting my request on FB!  I love your magazine!  Beautiful!  Much success, always.”
Ainhoa Ainhoa // Miami, Florida – September 2014

“Hi William:  I just saw the latest issue of Influential Magazine and wanted to thank you again for all your wonderful support. One of my favorite things about coming to RMHC Central Texas is meeting compassionate people like you. You’re helping us (and me) educate our community about how we help so many families. I am deeply grateful.”
Tina Snider // Austin, Texas – September 2014 // Director of Communications for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Texas

“Thank you Chloe and William. The Feature on Jose Luis Buitron, it is a thing of beauty!  I am sharing it with everyone now.”
Susanna Kalnes // Austin, Texas – July 2014 / Snackbox

“William:  Great to hear from you! Again, congratulations on your nomination for the Capital of Texas Awards. It was nice to be seated with such esteemed company.”
Chris Nieto // Austin, Texas – May 2014 / President of Qobe Group

“William:  I caught the recent write-up on Luminaria on your blog and I wanted to thank you. It’s a pleasure to see you out and about at these events and your write-ups for the gatherings really help to spread the word about important causes. It’s very appreciated!”
Stacy Armijo // Austin, Texas – May 2014 / Senior Vice President & Austin General Manager of Pierpont Communications

“I am LOVING InFluential Magazine!  Your team is amazing!  Congratulations!”
John Fleming // Austin, Texas – March 2014

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Teresa Hayes // Austin, Texas  – March 2014

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Audrey Peter, Owner // Baltimore, Maryland – March 2014 Owner / Chef at House of Audre’

“The March / April Issue looks wonderful! I love the photography in this one.”
Brianna McKinney // Austin, Texas – March 2014

“The cover of the March / April Issue featuring a photo taken by Todd Anthony Tyler is beautiful.”
Lemuel Williams // Austin, Texas – March 2014

“Nice Issue!  I really enjoyed the editorial on “Manners”.  How true is that.  Smiling always works, too.”
Denise Hopewell // Austin, Texas – March 2014

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Ingrid Garner // Austin, Texas – March 2014

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Zoe Kors // Los Angeles, California – January 2014

“I received my copy of the latest issue yesterday.  Good read, especially the informative “Trending Technology Picks” section.”
Carl E. Reid // Bronx, New York – November 2013

“Awesome job on the September / October 2013 issue.  On the same level as Vogue.  Photography, layout, etc.  You should  be very proud.”
Raquel Frankenberg // Austin, Texas – September 2013

“The September / October 2013 is a wonderful issue.  Congrats on another amazing issue.  Thank you again for highlighting Kanta.”
Karen Smith // Austin, Texas – September 2013  Kanti Goods

“. . Please let me know if there is ever anything I can do to help out with the magazine. It would be my honor to be associated with such a classy publication. You tastemakers have definitely gained a new loyal reader!”
Lindsey J. Wiese // Austin, Texas – May 2013 Founder of the Blog, Joie de Vivre

“William,  just wanted to thank you for your publication. My wife and I find your writing, and your magazine’s content, very refreshing. I’m going to forward to my team as I couldn’t agree more with your thoughts on grooming – it’s always good to have little reminders to ensure that extra polish. Hope you are well and that InFluential Magazine is being appreciated and recognized for the quality publication that it is.”
Adam C. // Austin, Texas – May 2013

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Liz Stevenson // Austin, Texas – May 2013  Blue Glue Bikinis

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“Good Afternoon Mr. Jackson, I hope that all is well with you and yours today.  I just wanted to say that I love your magazine and I wish much success for 2013.  Have a safe and blessed day.”
Andrea M. // Austin, Texas – March 2013

“I’m a big fan of your magazine. Especially enjoy seeing the editorial articles.”
Joseph H. // Austin, Texas – February 2013

“William Jackson, thank you so much for launching my company.  You are a great man and I learned so much in the few meetings we had.  I can’t wait to see you and spend time talking about your future projects.  Ashley M. Halligan did an awesome job, I’m honored to be written about and to be part of InFluential Magazine.”
John Dyess // Austin, Texas – February 2013 Dyezz Surveillance

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Lynette Ray // Austin, Texas – January 2013

“Austin only has a few publications that really do a great job of not just covering the Society and Event scene, but being part of it.  InFluential Magazine and its Publisher, William Jackson are on the scene almost as much as I am!”
Stacey Harrell // Lakeway, Texas – January 2013

“You know, you guys are always right on time with your articles and stories.  Good job!”
Denise Hopewell // Austin, Texas – January 2013

“I look forward to reading every article in each issue.  I’m excited because each issue gets better and better.  Just when I thought an issue was at the pinnacle, the next one surpasses.  The information is always on point and the pictures are so beautiful.  Keep up the good work, we’re counting on you to do just that.”
Falencia Frazier // Cincinnati, Ohio – January 2013

“Excellent website!  You have a very talented web designer.  My favorite feature is the ability to thumb through the current, as well as past publications.  Everything is laid out well, which provides great accessibility.”
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