Most Influential Female Philanthropists in Texas


Women’s role in philanthropy is also increasing in different ways. More self-employed women are rising with their resources to give, reflecting women’s growing economic fortunes, a trend that is expected to increase in future years. In the meantime, more women leaders are at the top of the world of foundations and now run some of the largest charity operations in the United States.

Considering everything that is happening we need to appreciate these women who are giving back to the community in Texas to help humanity cause. This points to a broader warning regarding this list of the Most Influential female philanthropists in/from Texas. This list is not seen as definitive, but as evolutionary, with prominent women steadily crossing our radar.

We aim to offer a glimpse of the many amazing women we are seeing in the high spheres of philanthropy while admitting that the views on these topics are subjective. Many readers will consider women who are supposed to be on this list or wonder why a certain woman is on the list. An important fact to bear in mind is that all women in philanthropy are all important and worthy a mention but we can’t acknowledge all of them in this post.

With that been said, let’s delve into the list:

Melinda Gates

Melinda Ann Gates DBE is a Texan – she is the former Microsoft General manager and philanthropist. She and her husband Bill Gates co-founded the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2000. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the largest private charity in the world. She has expended so much in efforts to meet needs in Texas and places around the world. Melinda Gates has always been rated as one of the most powerful women in the world by Forbes.

Lyda Hill

Lyda Hill is the Founder of the Lydia Hill Foundation. She is a philanthropist and businesswoman from Texas, United States. In 1997, she founded the Lyda Hill Foundation, with a focus on supporting advancements in science and nature, strengthening non-profit organizations, and improving communities in Colorado Springs and North Texas. She has most recently devoted herself to breast cancer research, donating over $25 million to it since 2015.

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter

Beyoncé, the great musician from Texas has given much to the world. Lemonade is a lifetime’s contribution. However, she has also been philanthropic in some other ways. Beyoncé co-founded Chime for Change in 2013 with Salma Hayek. This charity is all about fundraising and creating awareness for projects that promote health, education, and justice for girls and women. To date, they have supported over 409 projects in Texas, the USA at large and 86 countries respectively.

Lynn Wyatt

She is a member of the Houston high society, philanthropist and third-generation Texan. Her great-uncle and grandfather founded the Sakowitz department store chain. She is married to Oscar Wyatt, an energy executive, who is also the founder of Houston’s Coastal Corporation – which is currently owned by El Paso Corporation – and is now the Chief Executive Officer of NuCoastal LLC. Oscar and Lynn Wyatt have four children.

Judy Jolley Mohraz

She is a philanthropist and a historian of American women’s studies. She was president of Goucher College and was the first executive director and president of the Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust. She is a crazy giver and has advocated a lot of cause in Texas and Phoenix. She is the second female president of Goucher and the ninth president of the college. She was also named by President Bill Clinton to the Board of Visitors of the U.S. Naval Academy in 1996. She was a longtime professor and an associate provost at Southern Methodist University.

Debbie Montford

She is known as a philanthropist, an effective and energetic community volunteer, and an enthusiastic advocate of the arts. She is currently the President and Chairman of the Board of the Dolph and Janey Briscoe Western Art Museum, Texas Tech University System Chancellor’s Council’s member, and Advisory Director of the Plum Foundation, Sociedad de la Espuela, and the Matador Society.

Pearl C. Anderson

Pearl C. Anderson is a humanitarian and a philanthropist who succeeded long before any political right was stemmed to bring any black women on board. She has always been extraordinary. Pearl C. Anderson likes to swim upriver, pursue an education, a civic stature against all odds and have a high passion for giving. She has managed to turn courage and poise into dignity and grace. That’s the power of permanence, and it’s the most powerful of all.

Ida Green

She is an accomplished philanthropist, espouses small effort coupled with large, realizing that a weekly lecture schedule for Texas Christian University (TCU) journalism students can mean the same as Greek and Roman sculpture at the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts. Ida Green’s approach to donating is quintessentially human, but all she asks in exchange is that we should always do some good. There is a moral authority to the way she works, and what that means is that when she speaks, people listen.