Presenting Michelle Leclercq, The New Latin Pop Star

Photography courtesy of Eric Gonzalez.
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Born in Argentina, based in Los Angeles, Michelle Leclercq is a singer / songwriter/producer known for her Latin infused pop songs. Described as “captivating” by magazine ABC COLOR, Michelle’s debut single The Mission reached #1 on iTunes Argentina. Her successful compositions and honesty on her lyric writing have called the attention of major recognized producers, such as the two times Latin Grammy award winner Raniero Palm.

Growing up Michelle was considered by her family and teachers a musical genius. Since the age of six she played violin at her school’s orchestra, and she taught herself how to play piano and guitar. With her short but interesting career Michelle has already performed at several local venues throughout California, Argentina, Paraguay, and Australia.

Her new song album,Self Love has been to Michelle a means to self-understanding and inner healing. The four song EP contains some of the deepest and most honest emotions the artist has ever expressed publicly. In September 2017 Michelle’s first love passed away from a drug overdose. After that, the artist was immersed in a complete confusion and constant reflection. She understood even though drug addiction is a one-way road to self-destruction, giving up on love or renouncing to happiness due to fear of failure is also a way of self-destruction and it all roots in the lack of self-love. Through this album, Michelle seeks to open the eyes of her listeners, leading them to love themselves and spreading the message that we are all worth it, and we all deserve happiness.

Soon she’ll release one new song Present Past Future.

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