Mama Fu’s Puts the Future of the Menu into the Hands of Guests with Spice Market Showdown

Majority rules in terms of which Spice Market Menu dish will remain 

Mama Fu’s Asian House, an Austin, Texas-based, privately held fast-casual restaurant, has announced it will be adding one Spice Market Menu item permanently to its Asian comfort food options with the Spice Market Showdown, a poll in which guests can choose between four of the most popular, past limited-time menu items. The poll closes on July 23, 2018 and each guest can vote up to one time per week.

Throughout the Showdown, two voters will be selected each week to win either a $50 gift card or a FUnatic Pack lunch for up to 10 people. Winners of the weekly draw will be notified via email on the Monday of each week until the poll closes. The fan-favorite Spice Market Menu dishes vying for a permanent spot on the Mama Fu’s menu are:

Honey Garlic Shrimp and Calamari

An Asian version of Fritto Misto that is spicy, garlicky, sweet and crispy. Features fried shrimp and calamari tossed in a tangy sauce made with pan roasted garlic, honey and chilies.

Double Garlic Green Beans

Double Garlic Green Bean Stir Fry

Double Garlic Green Bean Stir Fry

Your choice of protein on a bed of fresh green beans, baby corn and onions, stir fried in a toasted garlic soy sauce. Topped with black garlic aioli, adding a perfect mix of savory, caramelized richness alongside tangy garlic undertones.

Rangoon Poppers

This delicious appetizer with a spicy Texas twist, halved jalapenos filled with real blue crab meat, cream cheese and scallions, then fried in a Rangoon wrapper, topped off with a Togarashi spice blend and served with dynamite ranch.

Drunken Noodles

The national hangover dish of Thailand, these spicy noodles are sure to help you sweat out any toxins from the night before. Rice noodles seared with oyster sauce are spiked with Thai dragon chilies and a good amount of garlic. Featuring baby corn, carrots, onions, bok choy, scallions and your choice of protein.

Each Spice Market Menu dish is made with fresh ingredients, and is a brain child of Chef James Clark, Director of Food and Beverage for Mama Fu’s. For more information on the Spice Market Showdown or to cast your vote, visit 

About Mama Fu’s

Mama Fu’s offers a customizable menu filled with Asian comfort food that is all cooked to order. Healthy dining choices are also available, including extensive vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options that can turn any guest into a FUnatic! Offering dine-in, takeout, delivery, and catering via walk-in, call-in, online and mobile ordering methods, Mama Fu’s is committed to providing guests with convenient and delicious options for every dining occasion. Mama Fu’s currently has 28 locations open and operating worldwide, two of those being in the UAE. There are more than 30 locations currently in development. For locations and information, please visit