Kara Ross New York Brings Bold Gemstone Designs to Austin

 Exclusive partnership with RSK Jewelry introduces Central Texans to Kara Ross line

Kara Ross New York and RSK Jewelry (RSK) have recently announced a new partnership in Austin, Texas. Favorites from the Kara Ross line are now available exclusively in Austin through RSK Jewelry, a local purveyor of fine jewelry.

“We are proud to be a new retail partner for RSK Jewelry in Austin,” said Kara Ross, founder and designer of Kara Ross New York. “The high-caliber selection carried by RSK is unlike any other, and we are thrilled to be a part of it as we bring some of our favorite pieces to the Austin market.”

The collection of Kara Ross fine jewelry selected by Robin Hancock, founder and purveyor at RSK, to launch this partnership features many pieces in the style Kara has become known for – bold pieces with precious and semi-precious gemstones in their natural, raw state. Polished pieces include the Cava rings, which are stones set within larger stones – all hand cut by a master lapidarist.

“I very much admire the attention to detail and quality of craftsmanship in all Kara Ross pieces,” said Hancock. “The elegance and timelessness of Kara’s modern design, mixed with an estate, old-school feel flows well into all modern and era-period jewelry at RSK.”

Robin and Kara found common ground when they met last spring at the Couture Show in Las Vegas. Both are graduates of the Gemological Institute of America in New York and have a passion for gemstones.

RSK Jewelry is the only retailer of Kara Ross fine jewelry in the Austin area. Selections from the Kara Ross line begin at $850. To learn more about Kara Ross New York, visit www.KaraRossNY.com. To learn more about RSK Jewelry, visit www.RSKjewelry.com.

About RSK Jewelry
RSK Jewelry brings hard-to-find estate jewelry, precious gemstones and distinctive contemporary creations home for clients in Austin, Texas and around the country. To make dreams come true, RSK provides personal shopping, appraisals, consultations and custom jewelry design. Robin Hancock, proprietor and gemologist, finds and showcases hidden treasures, refurbishes family mementos and introduces the most thoughtful designs in contemporary jewelry. Guided by a deep appreciation of art and history, Robin has built a global network of suppliers and designers, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to finding the perfect piece. To learn more about Robin Hancock and the jewelry at RSK, visit www.RSKjewelry.com.

A few of our favorite pieces from RSK Jewelry which are absolutely stunning!  So InFluential!

From the RSK Jewelry Collection

The Era Collection from RSK Jewelry.

About Kara Ross New York

Kara Ross New York is a luxury accessories company known for its bold and unique designs.  A certified gemologist, Kara founded the company in 2003 with the vision to create jewelry that has character and imagination.  Kara Ross New York debuted with a stunning Fine Jewelry Collection, and since that time has added a handbag collection that is cohesive in design.  Kara’s love of gemstones inspires her designs, which are characterized by vibrant colors, multiple layers and textures.  She frequently uses stones in their raw and purist form, and also sets stones within other stones, an extremely complicated technical feat.  She was just given the 2014 GEM Award for jewelry design by the Jewelers of America, and is a member of the American Gem Society, the American Gem Trade Association, the Jewelers of America, and the Women’s Jewelry Association, among others.  Pieces from her fine jewelry can now be seen at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Arts and Design in New York and the San Diego Natural History Museum.  She opened her first freestanding store on Madison Avenue in New York in 2013.

One of our favorite pieces from Kara Ross.

Pyrite Statement Necklace from Kara Ross.

Pyrite Statement Necklace from Kara Ross.