Jaime’s Makes Salsa the Way It’s Meant to Be

Review Provided By Arnie and Kristen Steege, Austin, Texas for InFluential Magazine

March 2018

Jaime's Red Hot Salsa

Jaime’s Red Hot Salsa

Jaime’s Hot Red Salsa uses the finest freshest ingredients to create an authentic salsa with ingredients like tomatoes, jalapeño, garlic, and salt. The ingredients are not only fresh, but also simple; essentially nothing more than what you’d use to make delicious salsa at home.

What my family enjoyed most about Jaime’s is it pairs deliciously with a variety of dishes, adding the right amount of spice and heat. We’ve particularly enjoyed it as a complement to baked chicken dish. It would also be an excellent topping for eggs any style as well as burgers, roast beef or meatloaf. We can’t wait to try it as a replacement for tomato sauce for homemade pizza.

With the amount of fresh ingredients, we feel good knowing we’re getting a healthy serving of vegetables.

When stored properly, the salsa maintains its freshness and flavor for several weeks.

Jaime’s definitely makes salsa the way it’s meant to be. We wouldn’t hesitate to enjoy another jar.

About Jaime’s

Jaime’s opened in 1931 as just “Spanish Village” and when it closed was the oldest restaurant in Austin – in continuous operation. Jaime Tames, an ex bull-fighter from San Luis Potosi, Mexico took over the establishment 40 years later, bringing with him his famous Jaime’s Margarita’s and charismatic personality. The name Jaime’s Spanish Village invokes strong nostalgia and memories of those that visited the restaurant either as a college student, repeat tourist, or local regular with his spirit and tradition living on through our salsas and queso. From the family’s humble beginnings, to the opening of the restaurant and the organic launch of the salsa itself, this has been a true family business from the start.

Jaime’s award-winning brand of traditional, hand crafted and gourmet salsas are the #1 seller in Whole Foods and Central Market with a variety of flavors winning or placing in several hot sauce competitions, including the Austin Chronicle’s annual contest. Jaime’s Spanish Village famous salsas and queso are available for purchase at various locations of Whole Foods Market (Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma & Arkansas), Central Market & other fine retailers and available online for purchase at http://jaimessalsas.com.