Introducing Hummus Republic

The Hummus Republic Story

Hummus Republic was established in 2013 by a group of friends who wanted to bring the flavors of their families authentic Mediterranean cooking to a casual, modern setting for people with an on the go and busy lifestyle. Our mission is to bring flavorful, convenient, and primarily plant based meals to the masses; to create accessibility to healthy, real food for more people, and to raise the standard of fast food.


Hummus Republic is for the people who celebrate life, and know a healthy lifestyle can also be a delicious one. For those full of life- with a purpose, passion, and youthful spirit.

About its guests Hummus Republic says, “You inspire us, and for that we invite you over with warm welcomes and giving hearts. We are grateful, honored, and so excited to share with you. Our food is made with simple yet unique ingredients, made fresh and served quickly. Here to serve you fresh, flavorful food, inspired by the taste of old traditions and your innovative imaginations, we are truly thrilled to help craft your craving”.

Their vision came from their desire to provide people with an on-the-go, busy lifestyle healthy food that not only satisfies one’s appetite but also one’s soul.

Hummus Republic believes what we eat all comes back to who we are. Healthy food for happy people.

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