Featuring John Fagerholm, Employer Defense Attorney in Our InNetwork Spotlight


John Fagerholm Employer Defense Attorney, Los Angeles, California

John Fagerholm, Employer Defense Attorney, Los Angeles, California

Who He Is:  John is an entrepreneur and business expert with a bar card to practice law, but is most interested in the business of law.  Lessons learned from the successful practice of law enhance his understanding of what works and what does not work.  Lessons continue to provide a valuable educational resource to hone legal and business expertise.

Lessons Learned As Entrepreneur:  It’s important to know your clients and understand their habits, and be adaptable.  These attributes are of particular importance for prospective new business owners who need to develop a deep understanding of their customer base, preferably before they start selling.  Fagerholm says, “You can have the best product or service, but if you have little understanding of your customer, your selling may not be as effective as it could be”.

Importance Of Empathy:  Besides making you human, empathy and sympathy will help connect you to your customers, employees, partners and anyone else involved in your business.  Fagerholm says, “Outside of business, I have had countless inspirations from hearing stories from others about a problem.  Applying empathy allows for the exchange of more data.  Often new products and services are born out of an attempt to solve problems”.

Noteworthy Strength:  His ability to navigate through fear. He makes an effort to “Spock” everything potentially having risk.  He removes the emotion and determines if the reward is worth the risk, and that is the extent of it. He’s not without fear.  He is human.  He just understands why it’s there and doesn’t allow it into his daily life.

Meaning Of Success:  Success means leaving a legacy of helping others help themselves.  Success means focusing on leaving something good behind which others can model as a reference to obtain their success.  Success means doing something great with the time each is allotted on earth.

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