Embracing the Woman You Were Created To Be

By Lindsey J. Wiese of BlogJoieDeVivre.com

Taking a fresh spin on faith, Created Woman magazine’s first ever “Style Speaks” event was held at Austin’s new Fiat showroom on Sunday, March 23rd.  An eclectic group of women from various age groups & ethnicities were brought together by a shared passion for both fashion and faith in a unique event blending two interests that usually live in separate worlds.  Patrons were invited to sip and nibble on complimentary wine & vodka drinks and a catered lunch of Caprese sandwiches with pasta & chicken salads, all while taking in lifestyle & beauty panels, a fashion show, and pop-up shops from local boutiques. 

InFluential Magazine’s Lindsey J. Wiese with Heather Frierson, Founder of “Created Woman”

Local vendors showcasing their seasonal spring wares included Langford Market, Stella & Dot, and Etcetera Etc.  However, the most popular booths of the event were the custom-created nail polish table by Feto Soap (makepolish.com) and a cover model shoot put on by Sum Photo Booth.  At the nail polish creation station, all options were up to the individual’s tastes, everything from lightness of hue to level of sparkle was up to them!  Next, photo booth subjects got to pose in front of a green screen, which led to a very special take-home souvenir:  a full-color photo showcasing each gal as cover model on an issue of Created Woman Magazine

Attendees enjoyed sweet treats and a positive message from event speaker, Cheryl Luke

Announced at the event was the March ’14 launch of Created Woman Foundation, an initiative designed to support the vision to equip & empower women from around the world.  Also from the event, news was shared of Style Speaks Mobile:  an offering designed to bring future women’s events to life with the help of the magazine’s team of writers, speakers, and beauty experts.  This new mobile platform has a mission to provide customized solutions for groups like women’s ministries and community organizations. 

Guests were offered the chance to create customized nail polish shade

In a speech entitled “Just Do You,” one speaker from the event who seemed to truly make an impact on the sisterhood of her audience was writer & speaker Cheryl Luke.  “I have a dream, that we would be fearlessly accepting of others,” she said.  Her uplifting message of recognizing the beauty in every woman resonated with the crowd and surely put her dream into the hearts of those who heard her message. 

Colorful accessories fit for spring on display by Stella & Dot

After a beauty panel where speakers revealed their secrets to styling, networking and what it means to be beautiful from within, the event capped off with a runway show for designer Isabella Rose Taylor and the best of Austin boutiques.


  • Heather Bush Frierson

    Thank you so much for coming out to our event! It was a pleasure meeting you.

    • InFluential Magazine

      Thank you for inviting InFluential Magazine. It was a pleasure to be in attendance.

  • Lynn Cherry

    “An eclectic group of women from various age groups & ethnicities were brought together by a shared passion for both fashion and faith…..” YES! I love that I got to be a part of this amazing event!

    • InFluential Magazine

      And we are glad you were. Lindsey enjoyed her experience.

  • Lisa Chouinard

    Thanks for the mention! We had fun making polish with everyone! makepolish.com

    • InFluential Magazine

      It was our pleasure. We appreciate being invited to the inspirational event.

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