Delysia releases Salt Lick BBQ Dinner Collection Chocolates

Texas Independence Day is nearing (March 2). Delysia Chocolatier has crafted the perfect chocolates to celebrate the state holiday. The chocolatier, which has had a long-standing relationship with Salt Lick BBQ for a decade, has released its newest truffle collection created in collaboration with Salt Lick BBQ titled: The Salt Lick BBQ Dinner Collection — because what could be more Texan than BBQ? These delicious smoky boxed chocolates are available at Delysia, Salt Lick BBQ, online, and soon in retail locations.

About The Salt Lick BBQ Dinner Collection:

Smokey and savory.

There’s nothing more Texan than a barbeque dinner of tender smoked meats, southern style dishes, and delicious cobbler dessert. Inspired by The Salt Lick BBQ’s world-famous menu, each bite takes you to the Texas Hill Country, surrounded by good food, friends, and family.

Reminiscent of the glaze coating a fresh stack of ribs, Delysia’s Honey pecan BBQ chocolate truffles will have your mouth watering for that juicy, fall off the bone first bite. Sweet with a hint of mesquite, creamy milk chocolate is infused with The Salt Lick BBQ’s honey pecan barbeque sauce, a hint of Texas honey, and local buttery pecans. Inspired by the Salt Lick’s traditional Texas barbeque pit, slowly cooking their meats to caramelized perfection, our Smoked brisket chocolate truffle combines bittersweet chocolate with smoked salts, a hint of caramel, and Salt Lick’s very own dry rub. When cold vanilla ice cream meets a warm blackberry compote, you can’t resist going back for seconds. Delysia’s Blackberry cobbler chocolate truffle takes you back to that indulgent moment through white chocolate infused with blackberry puree, all enrobed in silky dark chocolate.

Capture a classic barbeque dinner through Delysia’s newest collection of Salt Lick inspired truffles.

This 9 piece truffle collection of barbeque inspired flavors contains:

  • 3 Honey pecan BBQ truffles
  • 3 Smoked brisket truffles
  • 3 Blackberry cobbler truffles