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Amy David, RD

Amy Davis, RD

February is American Heart Month, but we think it’s important to love your heart every day! So, we sat down with Amy Davis, RD, Swerve’s registered dietitian, to find out how people can improve their heart health with a few simple swaps.

Q. People often think that eating a heart healthy diet means they must eat food that doesn’t taste good. Do you agree?

I am a registered dietitian, but that doesn’t make me the food police! My goal as a dietitian is to help people enjoy their favorite foods while also staying healthy. One of my favorite ways to do this is to help people identify healthy swaps that improve overall nutrition but still leave them feeling satisfied.

Q. What’s one food that comes to mind that we should be cutting back on to improve overall cardiovascular health?

A. Unfortunately, we know that heart disease is a major concern in the US. In fact, not to be a “Debbie-Downer”, but it’s the leading cause of death in our country. In a study published in 2014 in JAMA Internal Medicine, the researchers found that the higher the intake of added sugars, the higher the risk for heart disease. According the current Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the average person in the US is eating about 17 teaspoons of added sugar per day – about five more than the recommended maximum amount. “Added sugar” is the refined sugar added to foods- not the naturally occurring sugars found in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. The good news is cutting back on added sugar might be easier than you think!

Q. We sure do love cake. Do tell!

A. You don’t have to cut out all sugar. Some sugar is perfectly acceptable and to be expected. But there is one simple thing you can do to cut back on sugar in your coffee, baked goods, and favorite recipes. Swap sugar for Swerve! Swerve is a zero-calorie sugar replacement which tastes and measures like sugar and is made from a unique blend of ingredients found in select fruits and starchy root vegetables.  Swerve products contain no artificial ingredients, preservatives or flavors. All Swerve products are non-GMO verified, low-glycemic, ketogenic, natural, tummy-friendly, and were born and raised in the foodie heart of the US, New Orleans. Check out the Swerve recipe database for inspiration. It has everything from decadent chocolate cake to dairy-free raspberry mousse and even ice cream!

Q. YUM! Thanks for sharing that secret weapon with us. Where can people learn more?

A. If you’re curious about how Swerve is made, there’s a neat infographic on the website that explains the process. Another important thing to note is that Swerve is a smart choice for people living with Diabetes because it’s non-glycemic. People living with Diabetes are at a greater risk for developing heart disease, so it’s extra important to find healthy swaps if this relates to you!

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InFluentials, we want to bring your attention to the upcoming Texas Medal of Arts Awards Ceremony being held on Wednesday, February 27th at the Long Center for Performing Arts from 7:00 p.m to 8:30 p.m, followed by a Gala Dinner at 8:30 p.m.   

Jennifer Holliday

Jennifer Holliday

The star-studded Texas Medal of Arts Awards ceremony will honor eleven Texans who have inspired aspiring artists across the state and throughout the country. The 2019 Texas Medal of Arts Honorees include internationally recognized choral ensemble Conspirare, architects Elaine Molinar and Craig Dykers, visual artist Trenton Doyle Hancock, novelist, journalist, and screenwriter Stephen Harrigan, singer and Broadway actress Jennifer Holliday, fashion designer Brandon Maxwell, Academy Award winning actor Matthew McConaughey, photographer Mark Seliger, singer, songwriter and guitarist Boz Scaggs, and the Vidal M. Treviño School of Communications and Fine Arts.

Brandon Maxwell.  Photography courtesy of Sebastian Faena.

Brandon Maxwell. Photography courtesy of Sebastian Faena.

Events will begin with a red carpet reception at 5:30pm featuring welcome performances by local Austin musicians Sienna String Trio, Lou Ann Barton and Rio Novo followed by the awards show at 7pm. Throughout the show, guests will learn more about the Texas Medal of Arts mission and impact while each honoree is recognized in person in between legendary performances by 2019 honorees Grammy Award-winning Boz Scaggs, Tony Award-winning Jennifer Holliday, Grammy Award-winning Ray Benson and Van Cliburn International Piano Competition medalist Kenny Broberg as well as Ava Noble, 2018 Texas Young Master, and the Long Center Select Ensemble comprised of Austin’s high school musical theatre stars of tomorrow.

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey

Tickets to the Awards Ceremony ($103) and Gala Dinner ($1,545) are 100% tax deductible and available to purchase here: https://texasmedalofarts.org/attendance/

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Celebrex cost

Even if your home has seen a generation or two of living, creating a contemporary new look may not require a full-scale renovation. The key to creating a more modern feel is all in the details.

Many of these elements can be tackled one by one so you can transform your home into the modern marvel you desire on a timeframe and budget that fits your lifestyle. If a contemporary home is your ultimate goal, start with these key features to create a more modern look.


Dingy lighting and dim rooms are the antithesis of modern design. A contemporary space is airy and bright, and the lighting fixtures often help set that tone. Replace outdated fixtures with modern alternatives that boast sleek lines and finishes. Add more fixtures, including table-side task lighting and floor lamps, to brighten a room with limited natural light. Have some fun with the lighting by incorporating colored or textured globes that allow the fixtures to become focal points of contemporary design rather than functional afterthoughts.


When it comes to curb appeal, windows play an essential role in the overall aesthetic. Old, outdated windows are a tell-tale sign of an aging home, so when you’re planning for a modern exterior upgrade, be sure to include the windows as part of your plan. An option like Milgard Trinsic Series vinyl windows offers an expansive viewable glass area and a narrow frame to help you embrace modern home design. Not only do they provide even sightlines for clean, unobstructed views, they’re manufactured for maximum durability and energy efficiency and require little to no maintenance.


No matter the color, a freshly painted space simply feels new. For a true contemporary style, honor simplicity in design and keep colors on the lighter side. However, don’t be afraid to introduce a pop of color in the form of a bold accent wall or even wallpaper that makes a statement. A good rule of thumb: maintain a simple palette of no more than three shades to incorporate a truly minimalist, modern atmosphere.


The entry and exit points to your home are more than functional features; think of them as a canvas for making a bold design statement. For the patio, consider a sleek and contemporary door with a frame profile so narrow you’ll hardly know it’s there. For example, Milgard offers a contemporary Trinsic Series sliding patio door with the maximum available viewable glass area and an optional narrow handle that blends seamlessly into the frame to lend a modern flair. The doors are also ideal for low-maintenance living; the durable vinyl frames don’t absorb moisture or require painting.


Even the smallest details matter when it comes to contemporary design. You may not need to replace or update your cabinetry, but you’ll most likely want to select hardware that fits a more modern motif. Avoid weathered and overly polished finishes in brass or nickel, and opt instead for selections like matte black, gold and copper, which are all well-suited for contemporary kitchens. Don’t be afraid to mix and match for a bit of an eclectic look, such as different pulls for the upper and lower cabinets or a unique style for drawers.

Explore more contemporary design ideas for your home at Milgard.com. (Family Features)


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On February 7, Pildora, a global events and production startup dedicated entirely to sustainability, hosted #FASHIONABILITY, bringing the sustainable fashion world together for an immersive experience of the arts at the World of McIntosh Townhouse in SoHo.

Hosted by CEO and Founder of Pildora, Christina Almeida, and world known celebrity choreographer, Jermaine Browne, #FASHIONABILITY honored leaders in the fashion and entertainment industry that celebrates eco-friendly lifestyles and sustainable, yet trendy, designs including designers Alexander Acosta and Malaika Haaning who attended the event. 

The evening featured new collections from Querencia Studio and AndAgain as well as a trailer screening of Más allá de la herencia, a Spanish film that sheds light on The Great Pacific Garbage Patchthrough its ecological sub-plot, along with live performances from The Voice’s Kimberly Nichole, crafted cocktails, locally sourced hors d’oeurves, and more.

Christina Almeida, CEO and Founder of Pildora, Hosts #FashionAbility NYFW 2019, An Experience Portraying Sustainability Through Fashion, Music And Movement at World of McIntosh on February 07, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Sean Zanni/Getty Images for Pildora)


Jermaine Browne co-hosts #FashionAbility NYFW 2019, An Experience Portraying Sustainability Through Fashion, Music And Movement at World of McIntosh on February 07, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Sean Zanni/Getty Images for Pildora)

The Voice’s Kimberly Nichole performs during #FashionAbility NYFW 2019, An Experience Portraying Sustainability Through Fashion, Music And Movement at World of McIntosh on February 07, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Sean Zanni/Getty Images for Pildora)

Kimberly Nichole, Christina Almeida, and Jermaine Browne attend #FashionAbility NYFW 2019 An Experience Portraying Sustainability Through Fashion, Music And Movement, Presented by Pildora, at World of McIntosh on February 07, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Sean Zanni/Getty Images for Pildora)

Filmmaker Alejandro Gonzalez attends #FashionAbility NYFW 2019, An Experience Portraying Sustainability Through Fashion, Music And Movement, Presented by Pildora, at World of McIntosh on February 07, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Sean Zanni/Getty Images for Pildora)

Kimberly Nichole attends #FashionAbility NYFW 2019 An Experience Portraying Sustainability Through Fashion, Music And Movement, Presented by Pildora, at World of McIntosh on February 07, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Sean Zanni/Getty Images for Pildora)

Designer Alexander Acosta attends #FashionAbility NYFW 2019, An Experience Portraying Sustainability Through Fashion, Music And Movement, Presented by Pildora, at World of McIntosh on February 07, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Sean Zanni/Getty Images for Pildora)

Tegan Maxey, Kate Walz and Devin Gilmartin of Querencia Studio attends #FashionAbility NYFW 2019 An Experience Portraying Sustainability Through Fashion, Music And Movement, Presented by Pildora, at World of McIntosh on February 07, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Sean Zanni/Getty Images for Pildora)

Patrick Duffy, Founder of Global Fashion Exchange attends #FashionAbility NYFW 2019 An Experience Portraying Sustainability Through Fashion, Music And Movement, Presented by Pildora, at World of McIntosh on February 07, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Sean Zanni/Getty Images for Pildora)

Co-hosts Christina Almeida and Jermaine Browne attend #FashionAbility NYFW 2019 An Experience Portraying Sustainability Through Fashion, Music And Movement, Presented by Pildora, at World of McIntosh on February 07, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Sean Zanni/Getty Images for Pildora)

A presentation by Querencia Studio during #FashionAbility NYFW 2019 An Experience Portraying Sustainability Through Fashion, Music And Movement, Presented by Pildora, at World of McIntosh on February 07, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Sean Zanni/Getty Images for Pildora)

A presentation by AndAgain during #FashionAbility NYFW 2019 An Experience Portraying Sustainability Through Fashion, Music And Movement, Presented by Pildora, at World of McIntosh on February 07, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Sean Zanni/Getty Images for Pildora)

Amanda Lee, Director of Nest, attends #FashionAbility NYFW 2019 An Experience Portraying Sustainability Through Fashion, Music And Movement, Presented by Pildora, at World of McIntosh on February 07, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Sean Zanni/Getty Images for Pildora)

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Written by Paige A. Mitchell, Contributing Writer for InFluential Magazine

These days, Americans are spending more time indoors than ever before. Many people have even reported spending up to 90% of their day indoors with a good chunk of that time being spent at home. While there’s a lot to be said about this new trend, one thing is for sure: the more time you spend at home, the more comfortable your space needs to be.

Finding the perfect furnishings, appliances, and decor for your home can help maintain the peaceful and relaxing vibe you crave when spending time indoors. So, just what touches should you consider? Take a look at some finishing touches for every room in your home.

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Looking for a way to spruce up your space? Whether you’re working with a bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen, a plant could be just what the room needs.

Choose plants based on your needs. Are you lacking inspiration in a home office? Fill a vase with a vibrant bouquet. Do you want to green up the nursery? An artificial succulent lends style without requiring any maintenance at all. Does it feel stuffy in the bonus room or bathroom? Choose an air-purifying plant.

Whether you’re looking for something that requires a lot of upkeep or something as low maintenance as possible (maybe even artificial), there’s definitely a plant out there for you.

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It goes without saying that lighting can make or break a room. Too much light and a space can feel overwhelming. Too little light and the room can feel draining and dull, sucking all of your energy.

Finding the right balance is important, and there are lots of creative lighting options to help you do that. Whether you want to go with a bold floor lamp or subtle hanging light fixtures, the perfect lighting option could be the last touch you need. Living room lamps cast a welcoming, stay-awhile glow while a chandelier makes a stunning first impression on guests in the foyer.

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With technology becoming an increasingly larger part of everyone’s life, many household devices are now electronic and connected to the internet of things. These smart systems can really streamline your daily routine and improve your lifestyle.

A smart speaker is an essential for many people today. Not only can these speakers, like an Amazon Echo or the Google Home, let you listen to your favorite tunes, but they can also tell you the forecast as you’re getting ready for work and read you instructions step-by-step while you prepare dinner. They even increase the safety of your home when connected to other smart devices such as smoke detectors, stoves, and security systems.

Celebrex canadian pharmacy dosage

If the rooms in your home have hardwood, laminate, or tile flooring you may be hoping to spruce things up a bit. Area rugs can act as an accessory or the focal point of any room. These soft mats can warm up any room, balance the acoustics of a house, and protect your flooring from furniture and pet scratches. A rug can be a great addition to any space and they can be used to experiment with new colors or patterns into your favorite rooms.

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In many rooms, windows end up being a missed opportunity to add a finishing touch. Things like curtains, blinds, and shutters can dress up your windows as well as make the entire space feel more complete. Plus, window treatments also increase your level of privacy and give you control over how much natural light you let into your home.

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Making your house look and feel like home is all about attention to detail and regular maintenance. Finishing touches will provide each room with the thoughtful details they need to be whole. In addition to decor and accessories, make sure your home is as functional as it is fashionable. A home protection plan is an effortless and affordable way to keep appliances and systems up and running, according to House Method.

Want to learn more about home decor and other subjects? Keep checking out our blog to stay up to date on the latest trends in almost every industry.

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Some are calling January a “free trial” month to overall wellness goals for 2019; but, the effort really begins now. There are a few cautionary lifestyle areas that nutritionist and lipid biochemist Dr. Alvin Berger, who is also a co-founder of LifeSense Products, and is a featured specialist in the web series, “Real Skinny on Fat,” which was spotlighted on The Dr. Oz show.

Dr. Alvin Berger

Dr. Alvin Berger

From simple sugars to diet to exercise and sleep, Dr. Berger outlines a few lifestyle areas to pay attention to in 2019 to achieve optimal health.

4 Wellness Goals for 2019

  1. Diet: Minimize simple sugars: We all love simple sugars, technically mono- and disaccharides. These are glucose, fructose, sucrose, and several others, found in abundance in many foods under various pseudonyms. They are no friend to losing weight because they are readily converted to fat. They are no friend for sugar management because they can rapidly elevate blood sugar, which is terrible for diabetics, and in non-diabetics, results in feelings of low energy during blood sugar swings. Simple sugars are readily converted to body (adipose fat).
  2. Enjoy a Keto/Low Carb lifestyle, but without the stress and extreme regimentation of a traditional ketogenic diet: The jury is out. Low Carb, Keto-friendly diets are healthy for us, and are a major trend in the USA and soon globally. This is not just a fad, but a new lifestyle dogma. Humans do not have an obligate requirement to consumer sugars, and evolutionarily, likely consumed high healthy fat rich, low carb diets. In modern society, it is very challenging to consume a traditional ketogenic diet (90% of calories as fat), or even a newer fanged ketogenic diet with 75% of energy from fat, 20% from protein, and 5% of carbs. I am still advocating consumption of low carb, lower glycemic index carbs, but it is very important for adherence/stickability to low carb regimens, to not limit carbs too severely. The consumed carbs can be part of alternating meals in the same day. Or, it is feasible to have days where carbs are consumed in more abundance, and the individual can return to a lower carb regimen the next day without need to start the metabolic adaption process all over.
  3. Exercise Smarter: For competitive athletes, simple sugars are a great energy source, providing rapid energy for our exercised tissues. However, amongst us weekend warriors, too much simple sugars, can result in sluggish athletic performance, and even gaining weight. MCTs and exogenous ketone body salts, provide for more sustained energy than simple sugars and carbs and this is particularly important for endurance sports like cycling. Even in non-endurance sports like gymnasts and karate athletes, studies showed consumption of MCT oils did not diminish athletic performance, but allowed the athletes to decrease their fat mass. Due to digestive tolerance, some trainers will recommend MCT oils be consumed before and after sports to help with post-workout recovery. It is also recognized that loss of concentration and alertness is a major issue in athletes, particularly as they push their physical limits. In a recent study, MCT oils were shown to improve cognitive responses in exercised athletes.
  4. Sleep better: The lack of sleep in the human population is becoming epidemic. Recent studies show that at least 50% of teenagers, partly due to social media habits, do not sleep nearly long enough. The elderly lose sleep due to loss of melatonin and medications are known to not sleep enough. University students as a result of ingesting sugary, caffeinated drinks and tablets.

About Dr. Berger: Nutritionist and lipid biochemist Dr. Alvin Berger (MS, Ph. D, Prof) is also a specialist in ketogenic fats with 89-peer reviewed publications in scientific journals and 139 presentations on lipids at technical conferences.  Dr. Alvin Berger has 30 years of research experience in nutritional and pharmaceutical sciences in both academic and commercial settings. He has been responsible for leading teams and identifying research directions to support business goals, and developing, designing and releasing new products. A past NIH Fellow, Adjunct Professor Nutrition, and CEO of Sciadonics, Inc., Dr. Berger is also the co-founder of Life Sense Products, and is a featured specialist in the web series, “Real Skinny on Fat,” where he provides insights about KetoMCT and other ketogenic fats, which most recently was spotlighted on The Dr. Oz show.

Visit: https://lifesenseproducts.com/ and https://therealskinnyonfat.com.

Celebrex cost

Celebrex cost

More than 84 million U.S. homes have a pet, according to the National Pet Owners Survey, and in many of those homes, pets are a big part of the family. However, there are several barriers that can prevent people from spending time with their furry friends, including outdated housing rules and limited green space in communities.

To help create a more pet-friendly world, Mars Petcare introduced the “BETTER CITY FOR PETS” certification, as an extension of its BETTER CITIES FOR PETS program. The certification celebrates cities that have made progress toward becoming more pet-friendly by evaluating them across four categories: shelters, homes, parks and businesses.

“The presence of pets can help make people healthier – both physically and mentally,” said Mark Johnson, president of Mars Petcare North America. “We hope to inspire more cities to take real action that leads to a better quality of life for people and pets in their communities.”

Consider these benefits of pets, along with research from the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition that shows a number of ways pets make people and communities happier and healthier, and visit BetterCitiesForPets.com to learn more and to find out how to help make your city more pet-friendly.

  1. Ease Kids’ Minds – Pets are beneficial to people of all ages, but especially young children. Kids with pets tend to have less anxiety and loneliness, as well as greater self-esteem and social skills. Kids have also reported feeling more positive when completing a task if their dog is with them.

  1. Provide Stress Relief – As people get older, pets continue to be there for them. Even in the face of significant stressors – such as the loss of a loved one – pets are by their owners’ sides to help them through times of grief.

  1. Offer Therapy in Times of Need – Disasters can take many forms, and people need ways to cope and make sense of it all. That’s where the healing power of pets comes in. After tragedies, communities have brought in therapy pets to be a source of healing for people coping with hardships.

  1. Encourage Socialization for Pets and Owners – Pets help people connect. In fact, dog owners are five times more likely to know their neighbors than non-dog owners. While dogs socialize with people and other furry friends at the dog park, their owners have a chance to build relationships with other local dog owners. People also tend to feel safer in their neighborhood when walking their dog.

  1. Encourage Owners to Be Active – People who walk their dog tend to get more physical activity more days a week than those who don’t. Pet ownership can even make a difference in the survival rate for heart attacks. In a Waltham study, 94 percent of heart patients with pets survived serious heart attacks for at least a year, compared to 72 percent without pets. (Family Features)

Photos courtesy of Fotolia.

Mars Petcare

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Join your friends and colleagues on Friday, Feb. 22, 2019 for the 5th Annual Wonders & Worries Unmasked Gala! Enjoy the mystery and celebration of a Venetian Carnival. Masks encouraged.

Proceeds provide professional mental health support for children and teenagers in central Texas who are coping with a parent’s serious illness.

Questions about tickets, tables or sponsorship?
Contact Rachelle Shuttlesworth at 512-329-5757, Ext. 107 or rachelle@wondersandworries.org.

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 Vince Sant, Millennial Fitness Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of V Shred Shares Expert Insights

Millennials commonly referred to as “generation stress” would benefit most from a steady workout routine. Yet, according to a survey conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine in 2019, 50% claim to be too busy to exercise and 35% admit to a lack of motivation.

Of the ones who do try to work out, they don’t want to be tied to expensive memberships at massive gyms. They prefer a smaller studio experience and at-home workouts leading to the growing popularity of online portals and fitness apps.

To serve up some tips specifically for millennials looking to shred up, is Vince Sant male model, Certified Fitness Trainer, Millennial Fitness Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of the V Shred online fitness portal currently “blowing up” online.

With over 600k followers on Instagram and over 800k You Tube Subscribers, Vince is a legit fitness influencer committed to offering fellow millennials fast, efficient, workouts that they can stick with that deliver visible results.  

1. Do a quick HIIT

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is all over social media featuring workouts that combine short bursts of intense moves done for a shorter amount of time, followed by a short rest. These bursts get the heart pounding fast and can boost cardio-respiratory health in less time.

When you do 8 burpees in 20 seconds, knee raises for 20 seconds, then a 20 second rest. Then you do jumping jacks for 20 seconds, push-ups for 20 seconds, rest for 20 seconds, and then repeat the circuit for 10 minutes, you will see how fast it goes and how your breathing becomes heavier as your cardiovascular system is being challenged.

Vince Sant explains that “Millennials want to see fast results. We are used to immediate gratification so when you feel your body firming up and notice clothes fitting differently within a few days, you’ll be more likely to stick with it.”

2. Create an at-home mini gym that won’t break the bank.

According to Vince, whose V Shred fitness program can be done in the gym or at home, you can get away with zero equipment but if you want to take it up a notch, there are a few must-haves.. 2 dumbbells (5, 10 and 20 pounds, for beginners), resistance bands and a work out mat. “You don’t need to get too fancy with contraptions and complicated machines shown on TV. You can get a lot accomplished with these basic things that aren’t expensive at all,” says Vince.  

3. No Equipment No Problem!

Check out this popular YouTube video of Vince demonstrating at-home moves using your own body resistance that can be done in under 5 minutes.

4. Create time by being body efficient.

HIIT exercises can be done within 5 minutes right in your home so time isn’t really an issue. You want to think in terms of seconds. Each move done for 25 seconds, adds up to a fast chunk of minutes. You become much more efficient and body confident as you see what you can accomplish within 90 seconds. “Imagine if all you did to get started the first week was a 20-second plank, followed by 5 push-ups, then a 30-second plank, then 30 seconds of jump squats daily before your shower. That’s less than 2 minutes and you can always increase each week,” encourages Vince.

5. Pay attention to your breathing.

Muscles need oxygen to operate at full capacity. You really want to inhale during the easier part of the move then exhale when more strength is required. “In the case of squats, you would inhale on the way down, exhale on the way up. It’s amazing how many people aren’t breathing correctly, then feel tired or even dizzy when working out. Don’t be afraid to breathe deeply. Your body needs the oxygen and the more it needs, the more work you’re getting done,” says Vince.

6. Bash through boredom by with fun, fast supersets.

Supersets call for doing multiple exercises back-to-back. “This not only helps the workout go by quicker, but it also bumps up the number of calories burned.

When doing full-body workouts, to maintain a high intensity and get the most out of pairing exercises back-to-back, alternate between upper and lower body movements. That way, one muscle group is always recovering while the other is working.

An example of a superset is 10 squat jumps followed by 20 seconds of tricep dips, 20 seconds of mountain climbers, then 15 bicep curls. You can do 4 reps of these supersets and feel that burn within 5 minutes.

7. None of it matters without the diet.

A lot of millennials use food as their motivation thinking they can eat whatever they want if they just work out. While it’s true that millennials have younger and faster metabolisms, they are also part of a generation exposed to high fructose corn syrup and supersized everything. “Eating well, along with daily workouts are what maintains your results, and you want to plan 10 years out. If you want to look and feel amazing well into your 40’s, then what you do at 25 and 30 will establish the lifestyle necessary for a long-term gain,” Vince says. He humorously adds, “Fitness is 20% exercise and 80% nutrition, you can’t out-run your fork.”

About V Shred: 

V Shred is the fastest growing fitness and nutrition brand in the world offering online training programs designed to put the fun back into fitness and nutrition. V Shred provides a results-driven enduring lifestyle change instead of a frustrating battle that is easy to give up on. With a support network comprised of trusted accredited advisors and virtual personal trainers, people meet their fitness, nutrition, and goals. 

The company, co-founded in 2015 by Nick Daniel, Roger Crandall, Kevin Pearn, and Vince Sant, sought out to create a healthy fitness movement specifically designed to deliver profound changes in your body with the minimal amount of workout time. V Shred has created some of the world’s most popular fitness and nutrition programs such as Fat Loss Extreme for men and women, Toned in 90 Days for women and Ripped in 90 Days for men. 

The diet that accompanies the workouts in these comprehensive fitness programs, offers plenty of healthy food options and recipes. V Shred’s supportive coaches encourage “portion empowerment” which inspires people to eat and enjoy food knowing it’s the fuel they need to achieve the results they seek. 

V Shred is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. For more information visit http://www.vshred.com.