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Recommended Products, alternatives navitas Organics Maca Powder.17 at viagra m, korean Red Ginseng.52 at viagra viagra m, natural Horny Goat Weed Extract.56 alternatives at m Now L-Citrulline Pills.38 at m Resveratrol Supplement Pills.99 at m You Might viagra Also. Its active ingredient is tadalafil. You shouldnt crush or split the purchase viagra overnight delivery viagra tablet. Luckily, when Viagra fails, he discovered, there are several alternatives. Most guys that get these nasty side effects will start off with viagra some crazy viagra high dose, like 4 pills, and alternatives end up feeling very sick. "That's because it doesn't do much. Only use this combo once (max Twice) a alternatives week Phenibut has a tendency to viagra build a tolerance very quick, which means youll need to take more and viagra more to feel the viagra same effect. Its called Hardon Helper, and it works unbelievably well. D Candidate (Health Psychology). "And I suspect the herb is not as potent as the pharmaceutical version." What's more, evidence shows that yohimbe is associated with viagra high blood pressure, anxiety, headache, and other viagra health problems. L-Arginine: L-Arginine is an viagra amino acid which has been found to improve viagra good for high blood pressure the blood flow to the genital area causing erections to be harder, bigger, last longer viagra and become more frequent. You should also mention any other symptoms you may be experiencing. It was alternatives like every time alternatives I spit, my alternatives mouth would just fill up with saliva again and Id have to keep spitting. The links are independently placed by buy viagra pills our Commerce team and do not influence editorial content. Intracavernous alprostadil alfadex (edex/viridal) is effective and safe in alternatives patients with erectile alternatives dysfunction after failing sildenafil (Viagra). One 1999 study found that oral L-arginine viagra was no better than a placebo in treating ED, but another study found some evidence that high doses of alternatives L-arginine can improve blood flow and help. Because ED is caused by low blood circulation to the penis, eating a healthy diet can help. For the longest time (and viagra by that I mean about 6 years the combo of Extenze and phenibut (more alternatives on that below) was my go to choice when it came to a fast-acting male enhancer. But experts say the medication viagra price in canada is not particularly effective, and it can cause jitteriness and other problems. During an erection, blood flows quickly into the penis, which increases its length, width, and firmness. Before Viagra and the other prescription erectile dysfunction drugs became available, doctors sometimes prescribed a derivative viagra of the herb yohimbe ( yohimbine hydrochloride) to their patients suffering from. It will provide you with a ridiculously great boner, but at the same time leave you feeling calm and extremely confident with the woman youre alternatives with. Taking an oral medication while using a natural remedy may cause harmful side effects. I would recommend using it no more than twice a week, with a 3-4 day break in between doses to curb any tolerance. These.5-mg tablets must be taken at the same time every day. If alternatives youre looking for alternatives a healthy, all-natural alternative, read below. Even better than Extenze, at least on its own. Theres also a once-a-day version. Phenibut is similar to a brain chemical called gamma-aminobutyric acid, or gaba. If youre specifically looking for something that can help with premature ejaculation issues, then viagra check out a supplement called Prosolution Plus. Yohimbe is the only herb that has FDA approval as a treatment for erectile dysfunctions. This means that you can get an erection at any time, without planning sex in advance. Discuss with your doctor before taking it since ginseng can interact alternatives with drugs you may already be taking and cause allergic reactions. Original research psychology: integrated sildenafil and cognitive-behavior sex therapy for psychogenic erectile dysfunction: a pilot study. They also make a version for women, which is appropriately (and not surprisingly) called Libido Max for women. Some alternatives of the more effective viagra alternatives include the following herbs and supplements: Yohimbe : Prior to the introduction and approval by the FDA of Viagra to treat erectile dysfunction, Yohimbe was recognized as probably the most effective of the herbal aphrodisiacs. Food and Drug Administration. The instructions on their label say that you should take 2 4 capsules 45 min. With Zyrexin, it took several hours for it to kick. Prior to sex and expect results. In another study, published in 2003 in the Journal of Sex Marital Therapy, Bulgarian scientists reported that ED sufferers who took L-arginine along with the pine extract pycnogenol saw major improvements in sexual function with no side effects. Some ED medications can interact with other medications and cause serious side effects. Before June 2013, the only company that could sell Viagra was Pfizer. It just doesnt work that way. And Soo Lee,. She contributes regularly to Healthplan magazine, Modern Physician, and Managed Healthcare magazine, and works with many viagra health care organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area. One 1998 study published in the Journal of Sex Marital Therapy found that it did work. In addition, says alternatives Lamm, "A loving, receptive, and responsive partner is a home run. If the "in" vessels ( arteries ) are too narrow or if blood drains too quickly through alternatives the "out" vessels (veins men may have trouble achieving or maintaining an erection, says Arnold Aigen, MD, a urologist with Camino Medical Group in Sunnyvale, Calif. Penile Implants in Erectile Impotence. Avoiding Alcohol And Nicotine. If you have a diet full of processed foods, sugar, salt, and bad fats it causes problems far beyond tight pants. Advances in the treatment of erectile dysfunction: whats viagra new and upcoming? Click Here to read my full review of Vigrx Plus. Unless you live on the border with Mexico, you can NOT alternatives buy Viagra over the counter in stores like CVS, Walgreens, alternatives GNC, or Walmart. These medicines can also be very effective for people who have erectile dysfunction (ED) related to a major pelvic surgery or an injury to the spinal cord, or who cant use PDE5 inhibitors. I got a great erection from it, but I also noticed that I was getting some really strange side effects from it as well. This all comes down to what I said earlier. If you take medication for other health conditions, you may not be able to take an oral medication for. Visit the official Hardon Helper site here: m Or go here to read the full (and explicit) details of my experience with. As the minutes ticked by, I got increasingly aroused, but increasingly sicker. Erectile dysfunction treatment and traditional alternatives viagra medicinecan East and West medicine coexist? However, unlike with Libido Max, we really dont have ANY idea how much yohimbe theyre pumping in the stuff. You can find over the counter viagra substitute in plenty of stores, including CVS, GNC, Walmart, and Walgreens. ( Source ) Ive talked about yohimbe several times in the past (including alternatives above and if you read this article youll see that it can bring viagra about many side effects when consumed in large quantities. This IS exactly HOW Phenibut makes you feel. Aside from drugs and herbal remedies, certain lifestyle factors can contribute. If you have already gone to the effort of trying Viagra and you didnt get the result you wanted it can feel like nothing is going to work. Ther Adv Urol, Feb; 6: 1524. They found major design flaws in all of the studies, concluding that "the evidence is insufficient to suggest that acupuncture is an effective intervention for treating." alternatives Arginine. But there are several disadvantages, says Teresa Beam, MD, a urologist with the Grey Clinic. The other 2 inflatable implants are more likely to have problems, with the parts of the implant breaking down. Its so powerful that Im surprised that it hasnt been forced by the FDA / DEA to be classified viagra as a drug. Take the Impotence (ED) Quiz Impotence Slideshow Pictures Unzip Your Sex Life dhea. Many viagra alternatives have a long history of awareness of their effective aphrodisiac effects, and some have been used in various cultures throughout the world for many centuries. Urology, Apr; 55(4 477-480. Doctors specialising in these areas can then assess you and offer alternative treatments, such as non-tablet medicines, devices, or even surgery. It was approved by the.S. These are the most common erectile dysfunction treatments and the first choice for doctors to prescribe. Source in addition, it does require a prescription. I know this because the FDA (who routinely tests out herbal substances to make sure they are playing nice and not putting illegal stuff in their supplements) ran a test on Rhino 7 and found that it contained substantial quantities of dapoxetine into their formula. For the first 15 min. The effects (in my opinion) alternatives are exactly the same. The tablet is placed on your tongue and allowed to dissolve. Clinical use of Alprostadil topical cream in patients with erectile dysfunction: a review. Everything you need to take full advantage alternatives of your machines. The IWA estimates the technique can produce erections for up to 30 minutes. World J Urol, Feb; 15(1 7882. For starting and growing teams viagra (less than 10 people, or existing for less than 2 years). Lifestyle changes are also a natural way to improve. Its still a great combo, but part of my job is to continually test new supplements out in the never ending quest of finding the ultimate supplement. Nutrients and Botanicals for Erectile Dysfunction: Examining the Evidence. Int J Clin Pract ; 60(8 967975. Causes of erectile dysfunction (impotence) "Just because there is evidence doesn't mean it's good evidence says Andrew McCullough, MD, associate professor of clinical urology at New York University Langone Medical Center in New York City, and one of the original clinical investigators for the. As such, men can sometimes treat ED with a series of diet and lifestyle changes. Exercising helps men increase their testosterone levels, says. You take it as needed, but never more than once a day. Arash Akhavein, a urologist at the. BJU Int, Nov; 97(1 129133. Sildenafil is actually the same medication as Viagra but is a cheaper alternative because of the copyright laws involved. Dont eat anything for at least 2 hours, as Phenibut seems to take a bit of time to absorb into the blood stream. Online Available at: viagra Accessed 21 Apr. Michael Reitano, physician in residence at the mens health service, Roman. A Couple of Quick Notes.) Keep track of the time One thing I want to mention is that the libido enhancing effects of Phenibut can take a very long time to kick.

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Participate, nominate, recommend speakers, TED Prize recipients, Fellows and viagra more. TED on sale screen, experience TED from home or in theaters. TEDx Talks, online generic viagra talks from independently organized local events. Let us choose for viagra you! Ideas Blog, sale our daily coverage of the world of ideas. TED Prize, get involved in the yearly prize generic for world-changing ideas. Short books to feed your craving for ideas. TED Fellows, join or support innovators from around the globe. Discover, topics, explore TED offerings by topic, sale tED Books. TED-Ed videos, watch, share sale and create lessons with TED-Ed. TED, ideas worth spreading, watch, tED Talks, browse the library of TED talks and speakers. Organize a local TEDx event, sale rules and resources to help you plan a local TEDx event. Conferences, tED Conferences, past, present, and future. Programs Initiatives, details about viagra TED's world-changing initiatives, partner with TED. TED Blog, updates from TED and highlights from our global community Log in Search: Cancel search. About, our organization, our mission, history, team, generic and more. Translate, bring TED to the non-English speaking world. TEDx events, sale find and attend local, independently organized events. Playlists 100 collections viagra of TED Talks, for curious minds. Attend, conferences, take part in our events: TED, tedglobal and more. Surprise Me, the easy option. Newsletter, inspiration delivered straight to your inbox. Learn how you can partner with. Buy Cheap Pills with Discount. Top-rated pharmacies in the.S., Canada, and internationally. Save up. We offer best price. How to get, viagra? Generic, viagra Online online order viagra overnight delivery comes into strength of 100mg. Best sale /prices on Viagra viagra from licensed, top-rated pharmacies in the.S., Canada, and internationally. Viagra 20 mg and. Buy Cheap Viagra Online From Canadian Pharmacy, The lowest prices Viagra! Generic, viagra From A Certified US Pharmacy. Only Top Quality Tabs. Viagra is an enhancer that is used to cure ED in men. Viagra without prescription sales - Enhance Your Sexual Performance Today!

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Kickstart /year per seat (excl. If you have these symptoms, stop taking viagra and contact a doctor right away. Some people may also have ringing viagra in their ears (tinnitus) or discount dizziness. Discounts will automatically appear on the store page. Especially tell your healthcare provider if discount you take any of the following: medicines called nitrates medicines called guanylate cyclase stimulators such as viagra Adempas (riociguat) medicines called alpha-blockers discount such as Hytrin (terazosin. Total maximum savings for this offer is 4200 per year. Sale 7 used today 50 Off, save 50 on a year-long supply with this Viagra discount coupon. Card will be accepted only at participating pharmacies. Oral Tablet 25 mg Viagra oral discount tablet discount from 447.09 for 6 tablet 50 mg Viagra oral tablet from 447.10 for 6 tablet 100 mg Viagra oral tablet from.54 for 2 tablet. Before you take viagra, tell your healthcare provider if you: have or have had heart problems such as a heart attack, irregular heartbeat, angina, chest pain, narrowing of the aortic valve, or heart failure have had heart surgery within. Sudden vision loss in one or both eyes can be a sign of a serious viagra eye problem called non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic discount neuropathy (naion). Discuss your health with your doctor to ensure that you are healthy enough for sex. Card is not health insurance. For more information, visit m/savings-offer or call. If it is not treated right away, priapism can permanently viagra damage your penis sudden vision loss in one or both eyes. The FDA has established a reporting service known as MedWatch where healthcare professionals and consumers can report serious problems they suspect may be associated with the drugs and medical devices they prescribe, dispense, or use. Visit MedWatch or call 1-800-FDA-1088. We'll discount let you know when your Groupon viagra Bucks viagra are ready to be applied to your next Groupon deal. The cost for Viagra oral tablet 25 mg is around 447 for a supply of 6 tablets, depending on the pharmacy you visit. HCl Flomax (tamsulosin HCl Cardura (doxazosin mesylate Minipress (prazosin HCl Uroxatral (alfuzosin HCl Jalyn (dutasteride and tamsulosin HCl or Rapaflo (silodosin). Get industry-grade control over your robot and fabrication equipment. Viagra may affect the way other medicines work, and other medicines may affect the way viagra works, discount causing side discount effects. For freelancers personal use. Viagra (sildenafil) is a member of the impotence agents drug class and is commonly used for Erectile Dysfunction and Sexual Dysfunction - ssri Induced. Everything you need to take full advantage of your machines. How Coupons Work, save More with Groupon Coupons, get the most out of our massive collection of coupons, sales, and promo codes. The most common side effects of viagra: headache; flushing; upset stomach; abnormal vision, such as changes in color vision (such as having a blue color tinge) and blurred vision; stuffy or runny nose; back pain; muscle discount pain; nausea; dizziness; rash. Scroll or Click for Important Safety Information and Indication. See sale, how to Get Groupon Bucks from Coupons.

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Viagra alternatives

William Jackson, Found & Chief Business Officer of InFluential Magazine, Spanish InFluential, and Teen InFluential

William Jackson, Founder & Chief Business Officer of InFluential Magazine, Spanish InFluential, and Teen InFluential

On the one hand, it feels like I’ve been doing this for a lifetime, while on the other, I find myself wondering “Where did the years go?” It’s been a year of excitement, highs and lows, long work days and restless nights, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

This past year has taught me so many useful lessons, and one that really stands out is just how important it is for individuals to be patient, long-suffering, and kind toward others; without judgement.  In a culture where freedom of speech is widely encouraged, many seem to have lost sight on the importance of having something of positive and encouraging to say, tempered with applying the “Golden Rule”.  As a reminder, the “Golden Rule” admonishes us to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.  Of course, the lack of applying the “Golden Rule” is almost always to our detriment.

In previous Publisher’s Notes, I shared my own struggle with trying to ensure I live a well-balanced life and making such a priority. Although, I still have room for improvement, I’ve been making slow but steady progress. I recently began adding the practice of yoga to my regular health & wellness routine, something I never would have imagined in a thousand years. But thankfully, it’s doing wonders for me. I feel calmer, am resting better, and my days are less hectic.

It’s with this newfound sense of balance and calm I wish to collaborate with you as we begin our seventh year. On that note, I’m thrilled to welcome you to our Seventh Anniversary Edition!  One of our Exclusive Interviews is with Hanna Jaffe Bosdet.  The well-known Philanthropist, human rights activist, speaker, and author opens up about her new acting role in NETFLIX’s first Mexican reality series Made in Mexico, and what’s she’s doing to raise awareness of important topics such as human rights, immigrants, refugees, peace, and the importance of education.  Being that this also our Style Edition, of course we had to bring you many topics related to style and its impact as we strive to live well.

I invite you to feast your eyes on this stunning Seventh Anniversary Edition and enjoy reading the rest of the amazing features we have for you in this Edition.  May this Edition inform and inspire you to continue living your best life.

From my very being, I thank you for being a dedicated reader. Seven thrilling years would not be possible without you.  I’m so grateful to and inspired by the entire InFluential Magazine, Spanish InFluential, andTeen InFluential teams, who work tirelessly to bring you our award-winning publications. I’m truly excited about the future of InFluential Magazine, Spanish InFluential, and Teen InFluential, and I believe the best is yet to come.

Fondly and with Great Enthusiasm,

William Jackson

Founder & Chief Business Officer of InFluential Magazine, Spanish InFluential, and Teen InFluential

Viagra alternatives

Viagra alternatives

In today’s connected world, it’s almost unthinkable to function without an internet connection, and for practical purposes most households need wireless connectivity for everyone to fully enjoy their internet-enabled devices, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, televisions, thermostats, security cameras and even refrigerators.

However, with the growing number of devices requiring access to your network, and in some cases even the quality of the connection itself, there can be limitations to your Wi-Fi network’s performance. The problem can be compounded by the reality that increased reliance on Wi-Fi networks isn’t just in your own home or office, it’s around the globe.

Some groups, such as WifiForward, are advocating for increased connectivity across America, including greater access to unlicensed spectrum, which are radio frequencies that consumers can use for a wide range of purposes, including Wi-Fi. Ultimately, greater access to unlicensed spectrum can result in benefits like more reliable connections and super-fast “Gigabit Wi-Fi,” as well as cost-effective wireless broadband for unconnected urban and rural areas.

In the meantime, these tips may help boost the quality and speed of your home Wi-Fi network.

Use up-to-date Wi-Fi technologies. It won’t matter what other steps you take to improve your network performance if you’re using old technology. Be sure your devices and router are all compatible with the latest network capabilities. Equipment that runs the latest Wi-Fi standard, 802.11ac, is ideal if you’re using multiple devices.

Improve network security. Be sure to regularly update your password and enable WPA2 encryption, which offers greater security.

Know that location matters. Placing your router in an open, centralized area is likely to create a better access point throughout the house. Be wary of walls and other obstructions than can hinder a clear signal transmission throughout the house. An ethernet cable and cable clips are all you need to move your router from its connecting point to a more signal-friendly location.

Reboot your router regularly. Like many devices, an occasional reboot can help improve function. A router that is continually running is processing a great deal of data and even in normal operation some data can become corrupt. A reboot can dump those errors and allow you to resume operations with a clean slate, so to speak.

Update your connected devices. Each device that is actively connected to your network depletes available bandwidth. When a device’s operating system is out-of-date, it can become a data hog, impacting the performance of the other devices you have connected in your home. Check regularly for software and connectivity updates to improve speeds and maximize your experience.

Learn more about constraints of the nation’s current Wi-Fi airwaves and possible solutions at (Family Features)


Viagra alternatives

Viagra alternatives

Temperatures are falling, pumpkin spice everything has reappeared and stores have already put out holiday displays — all signs that winter is either on the way, or already here, depending on where you live. If you haven’t already had your heating system tuned up, now is the time.

Neglect is a top cause of heating system inefficiency and failure, according to Proper maintenance can help ensure your system works as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible throughout the winter. Failing to care for your heating system now could leave you without heat or with hefty emergency repair bills if the system breaks down during very cold weather.

A tune-up is an inexpensive way to ensure heating equipment is operating properly, and provides peace of mind that no potentially harmful blockage exists in a flue or exhaust vent. While it’s best to service a heating system before the cold weather arrives, it’s also never too late to perform routine maintenance.

According to the home repair experts at HomeServe USA, a typical professional heating system tune-up will include:

* Inspect safety features and controls

* Check thermostats (including adjustment if needed)

* Inspect burners (with adjustments if necessary)

* Check and clean the pilot light

* Check and clean any gauges

* Flush low-water cutoff

* Inspect filters, belts, oil motors, pumps and condensate line (if applicable)

* Check the flue pipe and chimney draft

* Inspect and clean the blower assembly

A thorough tune-up before the heating season starts can help reduce the risk of a problem in the dead of winter, but you should still be aware of your system’s performance. Symptoms that may warrant having a professional check the system include:

* The system takes a long time to warm the house after the furnace comes on.

* You hear unusual noises when the furnace turns on.

* You’ve noticed an unusual amount of dust coming from heating vents.

* The system cycles constantly.

* The burner flame is yellow or flickering. The flame should be blue in natural gas furnaces; a yellow flame means the unit is not burning efficiently and may even be producing harmful carbon monoxide.

* You notice your heating bills have increased more than you would reasonably expect given the temperature outside.

* You experience excessive moisture building up on windows, walls and other cold surfaces.

* You find visual evidence, such as streaks of soot around the furnace, rusting on flue pipes or pipe connections or the vent pipe visible from outside the home, or water leaking from the base of the chimney, vent or flue pipe.

If you act quickly at the first sign of a problem, you may be able to avoid a costly and potentially dangerous failure of your heating system. For more information about why you should schedule a tune-up, visit

HomeServe offers home heating protection plans, including ones that cover tune-ups. A 24-hour repair hotline ensures plan holders can be connected with local, licensed and insured technicians 365 days a year. Visit to learn more. (BPT)

Viagra alternatives

From awards shows to politics and sporting events, the beginning of the year is packed with comment-worthy moments. Many of us take these opportunities to share what we think are the smartest, sharpest and snarkiest takes and project online to our friends and beyond.

But as these major moments happen, are you really posting and reading content that’s worth your smartphone data? Follow this checklist from Straight Talk Wireless to ensure you’re delivering a dose of straight talk when it comes to the hottest trending topics on social media.

1. Politics. We all know social media is the unofficial debate stage and with the recent election you may have taken a stance yourself. Did you confidently craft your argument or did your post begin with, “Now, I don’t usually post about politics, but…”? If so, take a moment to question why not. Save yourself the long-winded debate with your distant relative and post a picture of a puppy instead.

2. Breakfast grams. Getting ready to post a shot of that delicious breakfast of yours? This one’s easy: don’t. No one really enjoys a photo of a soggy egg sandwich. Use your camera to capture something more meaningful instead – like the group of friends you’re out to eat with.

3. Sweet talk. Posting about your significant other is like an action movie with too many sequels. The first one was great, but after the second and the third we all just want to move on. Keep the romance to yourselves and save the public displays of affection for anniversaries or birthdays.

4. Baby photos. Recently welcome a new little bundle of joy to your family? See sweet talk above. We all want to see your little one and gush over a few sporadic photos. But we don’t need a play-by-play of their potty-training conundrums draining our data. Post away when they’re first born and check in with us again at the next holiday.

5. Celebrity gossip. Debating who wore it best on the red carpet? Losing it over news that your favorite pop artist is having twins? So are a lot of other people. So mix it up. Tap those copywriting or photo editing skills to wow us with your sharpest take or hilarious meme. If a certain actresses’ dress looks like a giant pizza on the red carpet, let us know. We’ll probably agree with you.

Follow these tips to ensure you’re posting content worthy of your precious data. Nothing’s worse than overpaying for data, so save with Straight Talk Wireless. Straight Talk Wireless offers consumers access to the best phones on the best networks at just $45 per month for unlimited talk, text and data with the first 5 gigabytes at high speeds (then 2G*). And now you can double your data for only $10 more with Straight Talk Wireless’ new 10 gigabyte plan, with the first 10 gigabytes of data at high speeds (then 2G) – all for $55! And switching is easy because you can keep your phone, network and number with Straight Talk’s Bring Your Own Phone program (BYOP). Best of all, there are no contracts, credit checks or mystery fees. Visit Straight Talk’s YouTube page to learn more and teach the world the benefits of straight talk online. (BPT)

Viagra alternatives

Have you taken any steps toward protecting your identity? In the age of the Internet and social media, it has become increasingly important to be vigilant of how you are presenting yourself and what information you are giving away. Thieves can target anyone, but they prefer people who make it easy for them. There is good news, however, as it is possible to take some simple steps toward protecting yourself online and reducing your chances of being hacked.

Experts at Theft Authority have put together a basic guide on 6 ways Internet users can protect their identities online. Their advice includes detailed thoughts on what to do on social media, how to deal with people who contact you online, how to use wireless networks, and how to dispose of paper documents safely.

Every adventure online can open up new worlds, new shopping experiences, and interactions with strangers from near and far, but it does require a modicum of carefulness. Taking care of your identity both in real life and online, has never been so vital.

Viagra alternatives

All-Star Cast Features Musical Performances by Smokey Robinson, Kenny Loggins, Gavin DeGraw, Cassadee Pope, Amber Riley, Jackie Evancho, Sutton Foster and the Broadway cast of “On Your Feet!” with the National Symphony Orchestra
PLUS Special Performance of National Anthem by THE VOICE Season 10 Winner Alisan Porter

- Plus Tributes to the 75th Anniversary of the USO and
the 100th Anniversary of the National Park Service -

Tom Bergeron

Tom Bergeron

This July 4th, America’s national Independence Day celebration kicks off our country’s 240th birthday, as A CAPITOL FOURTH on PBS welcomes back Emmy Award-winning television personality Tom Bergeron (DANCING WITH THE STARS) to host the festivities.  Broadcast live on PBS from the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol, the all-star musical extravaganza puts viewers front and center for the greatest display of fireworks anywhere in the nation.  A CAPITOL FOURTH (#July4thPBS) will feature performances by: legendary Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Smokey Robinson; platinum selling recording star and Grammy Award-winner Kenny Loggins; multi-platinum selling singer-songwriter Gavin DeGraw; Award-winning country vocalist Cassadee Pope; actress and singer Amber Riley (GLEE), who is set to star in DREAMGIRLS THE MUSICAL on London’s West End; musical prodigy and classical crossover star Jackie Evancho; Tony Award-winning Broadway and television star Sutton Foster (YOUNGER, GILMORE GIRLS); and the cast of the smash hit Broadway musical “On Your Feet!” the inspiring true story of Gloria and Emilio Estefan; with the National Symphony Orchestra under the direction of top pops conductor Jack EverlyAlisan Porter, the Season 10 winner of THE VOICE, will open the show with a special performance of the “National Anthem.” The concert will also feature special segments in celebration of the 75th anniversary of the USO and the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service (more details to come).  The 36th annual broadcast of A CAPITOL FOURTH airs on PBS Monday, July 4, 2016 from 8:00 to 9:30 p.m. ET before a concert audience of hundreds of thousands, millions more at home, as well as to our troops serving around the world on the American Forces Network.  The program can also be heard live in stereo over NPR member stations nationwide.
Smokey Robinson

Smokey Robinson

The top-rated, award-winning program features twenty cameras positioned around the city, including the U.S. Capitol, the White House, the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument.  Capping off the show will be a rousing rendition of Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture” complete with live cannon fire provided by the United States Army Presidential Salute Battery, an audience favorite and A CAPITOL FOURTH tradition.

Also participating in the event will be the Choral Arts Society of Washington, Patrick Lundy & The Ministers of Music, the U.S. Army Herald Trumpets, the U.S. Army Ceremonial Band, Members of the Armed Forces carrying the State and Territorial Flags and the Armed Forces Color Guard provided by the Military District of Washington, D.C.

The program is a co-production of Jerry Colbert of Capital Concerts and WETA, Washington, D.C.  Executive producers Jerry Colbert and Michael Colbert have assembled an award-winning production team that features the top Hollywood talent behind some of television’s most prestigious entertainment shows including the GRAMMY AWARDS, COUNTRY MUSIC AWARDS, TONY AWARDS, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, and more.

Viagra alternatives

As Published by GEICO

As our population has continued to grow and more and more people are being forced to relocate to suburbia, average commute times have sky-rocketed. A recent national study revealed that commuters in large metropolitan areas like New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago spend nearly an entire work week each year sitting in traffic to and from their jobs. The average American spends 25.1 minutes a day—each way—driving to and from work.* It’s safe to say the days of the 10-minute work commute are gone.

If you’re one of these unlucky commuters and telecommuting, carpooling and/or public transportation aren’t realistic options, here are a few tips that may extend the life of your car and help you spend less on gas by making your vehicle more fuel-efficient.

Viagra online deals

Avoid sudden starts and stops and observe the speed limit. Erratic acceleration and quick braking uses more fuel than driving in a smoother fashion. Plus, the wind resistance caused by driving fast costs you money. For every 5-mph you drive over the 60 mph mark, you add a dime to the price of every gallon of gas you buy.

Viagra discount

Keep the car as well tuned as you possibly can. A poorly tuned engine can increase fuel consumption by up to 50 percent! Getting regular tune-ups, maintenance, and having clean air filters will help you burn less gas, pollute less, and prevent car trouble down the line. Using the right grade of oil for your car can also help ensure it runs smoothly in all types of weather.

Viagra discount

A phenomenal 36% of cars are driven with tires below the recommended psi (pounds per square inch). Check your tire pressure regularly with a tire gauge to make sure they’re in line with what your manufacturer recommends. If you drive on wheels that are under-inflated your car’s fuel efficiency will be reduced by up to 2 percent for each pound that the tires are under-inflated.

Viagra online deals

Stop using the AC so much! Your vehicle’s air conditioner uses power generated by the engine, so only use it when necessary for short periods. Parking in the shade and using a reflective windshield shade will help keep your car cool on hot days. If your car is too hot to drive, simply roll down the windows and let it air-out before hitting the road. On the other hand, driving with your windows down reduces the aerodynamics of your car and increases fuel consumption, so on summer road trips try to strike a happy medium.

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Avoid carrying extra weight in your car. Extra weight saps your fuel economy, so unless you’re planning on playing that day, leave those golf clubs at home.

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Now Android musicians can finally enjoy AmpliTube real time guitar amp and effects thanks to IK Multimedia’s new digital effects processor and interface

iRig UA

IK Multimedia, the leader in mobile music creation technology, is pleased to announce iRig® UA, the first digital effects processor and interface to allow universal near-zero latency guitar processing with AmpliTube® UA on all devices with Android 4.0 or higher and that support USB host mode/USB OTG. iRig UA represents a paradigm shift for Android users, that for the first time, will now be able to experience high-quality real time effects processing on any Android device.

IK has solved the issue of Android platform fragmentation and OS latency by moving the DSP (Digital Signal Processing) to iRig UA. The solution lies both in the iRig UA and its companion app, AmpliTube UA. An advanced built-in digital signal processing chip directly inside iRig UA provides for the latest generation of mobile modeling technology, while the AmpliTube UA control app provides an easy to use graphic interface that lets users edit their guitar rig and save or recall presets instantaneously.

iRig UA is a universal Android solution that is able to produce rock solid performances, high-quality sound and near-zero latency on virtually any Android device running Android 4.0 OS or later and supporting USB host mode/USB OTG, including models from Samsung, Sony, Motorola, LG, HTC, Xiaomi and many more.

Plug-and-play on Android
iRig UA features a built-in high performance 32-bit DSP, a 24-bit A/D converter, 44.1/48KHz sample rate, a crystal clear low-noise instrument preamp and an ultra-compact enclosure. With its premium specifications, it’s able to provide great sound, better playability, extreme portability and an unprecedented cross-platform compatibility.

iRig UA’s on-board digital signal processor works in conjunction with AmpliTube UA, a special version of IK’s powerful guitar and bass multi-effects processor designed specifically for use with iRig UA. And because all of the processing is handled on iRig UA, and not on the Android device, it’s able to provide consistent near-zero latency performance (down to 2 ms round-trip total latency) that’s independent of the make and model of the connected smartphone or tablet. Or, in other words, it offers the plug-and-play performance that mobile musicians with Android devices crave.

For added versatility, iRig UA can also be used as a digital recording interface when connected to a Samsung Professional Audio compatible device or smartphone or tablet with Android 5.0. With iRig UA, the most popular mobile digital guitar interface and virtual guitar multi-effects processor app have finally landed on Android.

AmpliTube UA has landed
iRig UA comes with AmpliTube UA, a full-featured version of the guitar and bass multi-effects processing app that revolutionized the way musicians make music while on the go. AmpliTube UA provides a generous and expandable library of highly versatile models of some of the most coveted gear in music history. It lets users create and process their tone with a guitar or bass rig with 3 stompbox effects, an amplifier and cabinet with IK’s accurate volumetric response modeling, a microphone and a tuner. AmpliTube UA also lets musicians get even more creative by letting them place their stompbox effects either before or after their amplifier.

Superior sound
In order to provide the best possible playing experience, iRig UA offers everything needed for audiophile-quality sound. Like IK’s other high-end interfaces, it features a 24-bit A/D converter with a 44.1/48kHz sampling rate and a crystal clear low-noise instrument preamp. These features allow it to deliver excellent sound and incredibly satisfying playability, no matter whether it’s used as a processor or digital recording interface.

Comprehensively connectible
The pairing of iRig UA and AmpliTube UA is perfect for on-the-go practice. iRig UA features a 1/4” input for a guitar, bass or other line-level instrument, a micro-USB to OTG cable and an 1/8” headphone output with volume control. It also sports a 1/8” AUX input that lets musicians connect any sound source so they can jam along to their favorite tunes with the power of AmpliTube.

Pricing and availability
iRig UA will be available Q2, 2015 from music and electronics retailers worldwide, and from the IK online store, for only $99.99/€79.99 (excluding taxes). The AmpliTube UA app will be available at iRig UA release for free from the Google Play store.

For more information, please visit: www.irigua.comTo see the official video of iRig UA in action, go to:    Third parties interested in developing for the iRig UA platform can contact us at:


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By Candice Hubbard 

Every day all of us wake up in the morning and almost immediately begin to use the various electrical appliances in our home.  The coffee maker, the can opener, the vacuum, etc.  When one of these breaks down it’s a major inconvenience, and we might be tempted to solve the problem by fixing the appliance ourselves.  There are many valid reasons why you shouldn’t do this unless you are trained for this type of work.  Electrical repair companies like Static Electrics can verify this fact.  Here are some things not to do when attempting to repair electrical appliances. 

Avoid Water 

No electrical appliance, for example the can opener, should be sitting in a puddle of water when you attempt to repair it.  Nor should the electrical cord be dangling in water.  If this is the case, do not plug the appliance in, and don’t try to make any repairs whatsoever until it has thoroughly dried.  The same applies to using any electrical appliance when your hands are wet, or if God forbid, you are standing in any water.  Water is deadly when it comes to electrical appliances, like the old don’t drop your hair dryer in the bathtub warning.  Remember that electrical appliances and water never mix. 

Electrical Outlets 

If the cover on the electrical outlet is loose, then you shouldn’t plug anything into it until you tighten it with a screwdriver.  If the prongs on the cord are loose, don’t put the cord into the electrical outlet.  You may not be able to pull it out again, and you could get a nasty shock when you try.  And a good rule to follow is that whenever you plug in one of your electrical appliances, only pull the cord out by the pronged end rather than by yanking on the body of the cord.  This could result in the end of the cord getting left in the socket.  If this should ever happen, never under any circumstances touch the end still attached to the electrical outlet, unless you have made certain that the electricity is turned off. 


Sparks can be a sign of an electrical short, and when they occur during the use of an electrical appliance, you should immediately shut that appliance off and cease using it until you have called a repairman.  A company like Static Electrics or any other must send someone out to have a look at the problem.  Do not try to fix the problem yourself because you could actually be electrocuted while doing so.  Also, sparks are usually an indication that something pretty serious is wrong, and you shouldn’t take any unnecessary risks.  You’re too important to your family to lose your life over trying to repair an electrical appliance. 

It can be tempting to want to do all of the repairs around your home.  Not only does it save money, but time as well when you are able to repair things for yourself.  But electricity can be very dangerous, and there is always a certain amount of risk associated with it even when making the smallest of repairs to a home appliance.  So be careful, and if you aren’t sure what you are doing, leave the repair work to the experts. 


Candice Hubbard has had a long career in the field of electrical appliance repair, working with Static Electrics Brisbane,  As a result she had gained much expertise in dealing with electricity in its many shapes and forms, and earned the right to be called an expert in her field.