Because You Are Not Just a Body – You Are Somebody

Photography courtesy of Saint Somebody.

Saint Somebody creates premium-quality swimwear pieces that are beautifully structured with seamless technology, clean lines and sophisticated styles, allowing women sizes 8 to 16 to wear the collection with confidence.

Saint Somebody, an Australia-based swimwear brand catering to the modern woman, is proud to officially launch in the U.S. market.

Created on Australia’s Northern Beaches in 2017, Saint Somebody was founded by Sophie Henderson-Smart, a mother of two and Sydney native. Preparing for a European beach getaway, Henderson-Smart failed to find a swimsuit that catered to her own curves but did not boast loud and garish designs, fit awkwardly or fall apart due to flimsy material. After struggling to find a swimwear label that was fashionable, high quality and looked good in all the right places, Henderson-Smart decided to create the product she had been searching for; thus, Saint Somebody was born.

Saint Somebody embraces sophisticated silhouettes and celebrates the beautiful diversity of womankind, giving women sizes 8 to 16 swimsuit options that make them feel good. Saint Somebody designs the fit specifically for this size range and combines two layers of fabric for the ultimate in seamless coverage. Each detail on every piece is thoughtfully designed with a woman’s natural curves in mind. Henderson-Smart personally tries on every swimsuit she designs to ensure a perfect fit.

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