InFluential Magazine captures emerging trends on the verge of shaping our world as exemplified through avant-garde leaders who inspire us on personal and professional levels. Our benchmark is founded upon identifying key elements that positively define cultural influence and significance. In providing direct insight, resources and direction into what is now and especially what is next, InFluential Magazine establishes itself as the premiere and trusted source of trends sure to impact the way we live, dream and distinguish our world.

Sections in Our Issues
Much of the material in InFluential Magazine’s departments is written by staff editors and contributing writers. The following sections of the magazine; however, are open to freelancers.

InDulge focuses on those indulgences of life that exemplify the art of living well.   From products and services, food, wine and exotic vacations, these are the indulgences and dreams personifying the ultimate goal of living well.

InFluence provides a colorful, upbeat take on subjects impacting the art of living well.  At times practical and whimsical, this section informs readers about the latest (and best) trends, products, and tips in food, fashion, and other areas of their everyday lives. Writers are encouraged to submit queries on light, positive, inspiring topics that will help readers add more value to their lives. We especially welcome ideas that incorporate lists, factoids, photos, how-to’s, recipes, quotes, statistics, tips, and other quick-hit presentations.

InForm gives readers an expansive point of view on emerging topics that are culturally, socially and professional relevant to the modern affluent reader.

InNetwork focuses on individuals who are making a difference in their respective fields and areas of life.  These are people, who are interesting, on the move and because of their positive impact, our readers can add to their own depth of awareness.

InSociety recognizes interesting people from our communities who are out and about demonstrating a charitable spirit through giving and supporting various high profile activities and events.

Frequency of Publication
Every other month publication.


Our Readers
Our readers are diverse and are at various stages of life. Our readers, on average, have obtained some level of education and are affluent. Whether we are talking about art & entertainment, financial health, living well, style and technology, our readers are interested! They are open in extending their reach to find new and exciting opportunities.

Demographic, Readership & Circulation
We are constantly expanding our distribution points and readership. Our valuable Home and Lifestyle demographic data primarily comes from subscription information and market research surveys performed by various on-line partners.

Frequency Every Other Month
Circulation Worldwide
Digital Readership Average 1 Million Unique Clicks Per Issue
Expanding Readership 50+ daily
Age 13 – 60
College Graduates 80%

Social Media
We utilize social media as a direct channel to all of our readers to keep them informed of what is happening in the greater Austin area and beyond. In addition, it is an opportunity for our advertisers and our affiliates to reach out to the InFluential Magazine community online and through other communication media. We constantly update our Facebook page and our Twitter to guarantee our readers have timely access to emerging trends.

We plan to update our fans on Facebook by publishing daily updates on InFluential Magazine details, trends and recommendations, and other events we promote for our advertisers and affiliates. We plan to post pictures and recaps of events we have hosted, attended or promoted in the past.

Our followers on Twitter receive instant notification on all upcoming events or promotions from our advertisers and our affiliates.

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Interested in becoming a contributing writer?
Should you have specific questions regarding content, or if you’d like to pitch story ideas, our Editorial Guidelines are available here, and our Writer’s Style sheet here.

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