A Wine Made to be Served on the Rocks? You Bet!

Rosé Piscine, a rosé wine specifically made to drink over ice, is now available in the US and will keep you sipping ice cold wine

Until now, serving wine over ice would be unheard of. After all, as the ice melts the wine would become watered down and lose its great taste. But that’s just not the case with a new wine that has already sold over two million bottles in France and Brazil, and now it’s available in the U.S. Uniquely created to be served on the rocks, Rosé Piscine is taking the nation by storm. From the beach to the dinner table and everywhere in between, the new creation is getting wine enthusiasts to sit up and take notice. From its sleek, uplifting bottle appearance, to the one-of-a-kind over ice concept, it’s a wine that everyone will want to try.

“Rosé Piscine is not your average bottle of wine; we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure this is differently delicious,” explains Blake Helppie, managing partner at Rosé Piscine, a wine specifically made to drink over ice. “Not only is Rosé Piscine served on the rocks, but the ice melting in the glass doesn’t diminish its natural floral flavors, which is a win-win.”

Rosé Piscine is a wine that those who partake in the drink will want to add to their grocery list. Here’s what you need to know about Rosé Piscine:

  • The wine has been selling in France and Brazil and just recently has been released in the United States. It’s available at select stores around the country, and can be ordered online.
  • It’s uniquely a wine that has been created to be served over ice. Rosé Piscine is made by Pascal Nacenta in southwest France.
  • The French rosé is 100 percent destemmed, fermented for 20 days with cold stabilization at 60 degrees and then filtered.
  • The Rosé Piscine tasting notes include being pale salmon in color, with a light to medium body. On the bouquet, it offers hints of Meyer lemon, skin of peach, vanilla, kiwi and McIntosh apple. Mineral quality to the bouquet. On the palate, it offers rounded, well-balanced tannins and acidity, with a long finish.
  • Rosé Piscine is made with an indigenous varietal of southwest France: Négrette, which is a small, very dark and tough-skinned grape known for its powerful aromatic qualities. The fruit is sourced in Côtes du Frontonnais, which is located just southwest of Gaillac and just north of the city of Toulouse, on the western bank of the Tarn river. Rosé Piscine is one of very few French rosés made with the Négrette grape, mainly due to the limited geographic availability of this unique varietal.
  • Wine Enthusiast named Rosé Piscine’s region in France the Wine Region of the Year 2017.
  • Rosé Piscine was originally created by Jacques Tranier, the president of Vinovalie, a group of producers in the French Southwest. In 2003, he was on a vacation in Saint Tropez when he saw many women drinking rosé wine over ice in large wine glasses. He ordered one to give it a try, only to be disappointed in the diluted taste of the wine. This set him on a mission to create a rosé wine that could maintain its integrity while being served on ice.

“Our wine doesn’t need to be pre-chilled or kept in an ice bucket, which means you can enjoy it anywhere and at anytime,” added Helppie. “Once people give Rosé Piscine a try, it quickly becomes one of their favorites. We love hearing that type of feedback.”

To find a store near you or to order online, visit the site at: www.rosepiscine.com.

About Rosé Piscine

A unique wine in that it has been created to be served over ice, Rosé Piscine is taking the nation by storm. Over two million bottles of it have already been sold in France and Brazil, and it is now available in the U.S. Rosé Piscine is pale salmon in color, light to medium in body and is made from Négrette, a locally indigenous varietal  known for its powerful aromatic qualities. For more information on Rosé Piscine or the company, visit the site at: www.rosepiscine.com.